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Zoglog[T] [big bucks] April 11 2005 6:01 PM EDT

Ok before anybody gets all heated over the title this is actually a UK rock festival which I am going to this year and not a big meet for downloading stuff =P
Now we pride ourselves on our festival culture, Glastonbury well known widespread but this is for those who are more into the "Monsters of Rock".
This festival consists of 3 days of music (June 10th-12th) which is around 100 bands across 2 stages and they don't go for the small, generally cream of the crop.
Tickets are £140 for a full weekend camping ticket for anyone who is interested but a warning they are seeling extremely quickly. Onto the line-up so far:
Friday 10th June is the "Indie" day of Download
Friday Main Stage:
Feeder (Headline)
Garbage (Headline)
Dinosaur Jr.
Biffy Clyro
Friday Snickers Stage:
Billy Idol (Headline)
The Used
My Chemical Romance
The Bled
Saturday 11th June is "Ozzfest at Download"
Saturday Main Stage:
Black Sabbath (Headline)
Velvet Revolver (Headline)
HIM (Headline)
Bowling For Soup
Saturday Snickers Stage:
In Flames
Lamb Of God
Bullet For My Valentine
Everytime I Die
Sunday 12th June is the day of the monsters of metal
Sunday Main Stage:
System Of A Down (Headline)
Slipknot (Headline)
Slayer (Headline)
Killswitch Engage
Papa Roach
Sunday Snickers Stage:
Lacuna Coil
As I Lay Dying

Pretty impressive so far and still nearly half the spots to be filled :)

Vagabond April 11 2005 6:38 PM EDT

Sounds like a heck of a show. Day one kind of sucks (Billy Idol headlining... lol), but Saturday and Sunday will make up for it. Hope you have a good time, don't forget to take pictures and share with those (like me) that can't make it (little thing called the Atlantic in the way).

Zoglog[T] [big bucks] April 12 2005 4:53 AM EDT

Shall be taking lots of pics either with camera phone or disposable camera, the camera probably the best option :P.
But I cannot believe you said that about the Friday, Feeder, Garbage and Billy Idol as the headlining bands are great.
Billy Idol is a genius and legend of Rock music and he is the one I am most enjoying seeing on the Friday.
Anybody else who would like to, feel free to at least comment on the festival even if not interested in going or seeing pictures :P

Undertow April 12 2005 5:12 AM EDT

I'm really much more interested in the snickers stage the indie day, with my chemical romance and the used. And hell, Billy Idol is not to be taken lightly. The man can rock.

But the second and third days... this is a toss up. I don't really know much from the snicker stages (Motorhead and Lamb of God. Lamb of God is getting huge radio play in Chicago right now, they're opening for... someone...).

I'd probably shoot for the last day, because I hate Hate HATE alterbridge, and Creed before them (HATE). Probably the only group from the second day I'd really be disappointed in missing would be Velvet Revolver.

But System, slipknot, switch, papa, and Mudvayne? My head would ESPLODE!

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] April 14 2005 6:58 AM EDT

Billy Idol! :D

My friends are going to this, but I'm undecided whether to go back to reading for the xth year or go to this...


Zoglog[T] [big bucks] April 14 2005 8:21 AM EDT

I was intrigued to Reading just to see the Food Fighters but so many more of my favourite bands are here :). Plus this one is the largest scale festival of the lot.

Mem April 14 2005 9:40 AM EDT

Dinosaur Jr. and Billy Idol would be all I would be even remotely interested in. As far as I'm concerned though, if there's no Pixies then it's no good. Just my highly biased opinion though. Hope you have fun.
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