AxBow/ExBow + Seekers = silly? (in General)

[Redneck RV] Truc April 17 2005 6:22 PM EDT

It just dawned on me (yes, I'm slow) that Seeker Bolts are quite silly when used in conjunction with an AxBow or ExBow.

This is, of course, because Mages tend not to have DX or ST.

Anyone have a different view?

FatalXception [Money Depot] April 17 2005 6:24 PM EDT

I buy em and use em when I see them, simply for the higher damage they do, and the fact that they might take out that mage in the back doing a tonne of damage. After all, they're not a lot more expensive than bolts.

Fishead April 17 2005 6:55 PM EDT

I agree, a waste of an axbow/exbow. You will hit mages first and never get to the tank during ranged if there are enough other minions to hit.

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] April 17 2005 6:58 PM EDT

fatal, seekers dont do xtra dmg, slayers do, seekers just target the mages

bartjan April 17 2005 6:59 PM EDT

Well, what would you do, when you need to kill as many mages in ranged, and an Elven Long Bow is outside your budget?

slurpz April 17 2005 6:59 PM EDT

Seeker Bolts [13x?] (+?)
Slayer Bolts [18x?] (+?)
Bolts [10x?] (+?)

seekers don't deal extra damage?

Barron [CB2BANK Investors Club] April 17 2005 7:05 PM EDT

Slayers are fine on an Exbow. Seekers would be most appropriate on a heavy xbow.

Xenko April 17 2005 8:47 PM EDT

If a team has no mages (DD), then I assume seeker bolts act as normal bolts (with increased damage), so using a axbow/exbow would just allow you to have the STR/DX decrease on an all tank (or tanks/enchanter) team... (if seeker's actually function the way I think they function).

[Banned]Monty April 17 2005 8:48 PM EDT

i think he means more base damage than regular bolts

LumpBot April 17 2005 9:02 PM EDT

You are thinking to in debt. Seekers are good because they target mages. Exbows/Axbows take away str and dex is a "free" benifit. Seekers just allow you to hit the mages. You still hit the mages all, but I think the question you should ask is why is axbow/exbow even useful against mages ;)

FatalXception [Money Depot] April 17 2005 11:12 PM EDT

Think of it this way,
seekers = better than regular arrows.
AxEx Bow = better than regular Xbows.

meaning, it's better if you can, since there's little increased cost for seekers if you get them from the store.

Against non-mage teams, it does more damage.
Against mage teams, you might kill that back-row mage, and even if you don't you will kill him faster later (with triple hits or his less str/end).

LumpBot April 17 2005 11:22 PM EDT

I would like to apologize. My entire post makes no sense and has some of the most fearsome and horrid grammar to man. I'll make it real simple in english this time ;)
exbows still deal damage, they ALSO take away str. Seekers will still do damage to mages, although they might not take away str, no one ever said you need all the benifits of your minions working together. It's like AMF on a tank, it just doesn't do anything.

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] April 17 2005 11:36 PM EDT

All this thread is supposed to point out is that axbows and exbows are to lower DX / STR on tanks, but if you use seekers it will hit mages first, which is pointless for an exbow/axbow to do its magic of lowering DX / STR. (Cuz mages dont use DX or STR)

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] April 18 2005 2:04 AM EDT

Properties from ammo come first. So seekers in a A/EXbow will target in this order;

1) Minions with largest DD spell
2) If no minions left with DD spells, minion with largest Str (Exbow) or Dex (Axbow)

So seekers aren't wasted on these Xbows and are a very nice way to bypass meat shields.

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