I Must Be Off (in General)

Colonel Custard April 17 2005 10:47 PM EDT

i was planning on becoming the most powerful character in the game. i was gunna start soon. but, to all you people up on top, you guys lucked out. there's been some stuff that's been going on in my RL that's way too important for me to be playing CB instead of doing all i can to handle it. this means that i'll be pretty much gone from this site for at least a few days, and possibly forever. it was great, and thank you all, but i can't let an addiction like this get in the way of my life.

to anyone who sincerely cares, i'm sorry. to anyone else, you guys don't need to bother with any sad-face comments. bye.

Relic April 17 2005 10:49 PM EDT

Good luck in whatever you do. All the best.

Synco April 17 2005 10:54 PM EDT

Bye. It sucks to see a member of the CB community leave.

But good luck in reall life!! :)

Hopefully, you can come by and visit and chat sometimes.


Blarg April 18 2005 12:02 AM EDT

I hope you go live your life to the fullest :).

Duke April 18 2005 4:46 AM EDT

I hope you are coming back soon, and relate to your CB1 CM yes just put a lousy farm in the clan that will be fine.
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