strat help....please (in General)

Jason Bourne April 19 2005 3:08 AM EDT

ive changed strats around too much, and im looking for something i could settle on for a long while and at least ride out for a couple hundred k's of pr...

heres what i have going on now:

first minion: half AMF half Haste equips TOJ
second minion: half hp half st knows archery

essentially an enchanter/toj/tank

pros: tank can wear any armor, toj has even higher dex good amf

other strat idea i have:

first minion: hp and BL TOA
second minion: 1/3 hp 1/3 MM 1/3 VA

another idea:
4 minions all train 1/2 mm 1/2 AS with some AMF
use a TOS....5 MM mages with high HP's

id like to have these things in a strat....
VA, large haste, amf, TOJ (if possible), large MM, a wall (maybe) and a tank.

..............any ideas?

Manta April 19 2005 3:37 AM EDT

> 4 minions all train 1/2 mm 1/2 AS with some AMF
> use a TOS....5 MM mages with high HP's

is plain wrong.
2 AS and 2 MM are better. Unless you plan to lose to chars using DM or AMF (namely, 90% of people).
Personally, I think that MM is not a good spell. Especially with AMF (instead of DM).

One easy and effective strat is single mage with ToA.
For instance, HP, DM and FB.
Or HP, AMF and CoC.
But the people using this strat are way better equipped than me in giving advice.

If you have money, a BTh or Morgul on the tank are much better than using VA.

ToJ is good as a wall, not as a damage dealer: ToJ and wall on the same char are redundant.
Moreover, in this moment mages are more common than tanks, and against a mage using FB or CoC walls (and ToJ) are less effective.

Maybe, using a ToA on the tank is a better solution than using ToJ.

Archery and MM on the same minion are really a bad choice (but not as bad as archery and FB).
You are using experience only to deal some more damage on the first round of ranged.
And you have to pay for a bow (and the ammo).

Jason Bourne April 19 2005 3:40 AM EDT

heh, the reason my mm mage has archery, is because im transitioning from a mage to a tank haste gets another 10k or so... i got a head start on the archery so i could go right into it. the mm will go into st.

Manta April 19 2005 3:48 AM EDT

My mistake: i meant single mage with ToE.

Duke April 19 2005 9:12 AM EDT

I cannot think of a winning strat with only 2 char.Maybe a TT setting could work with seeker.

Haste VA should be use when there 2 tank or more.Also there will be a severe lack of dex on your tank as it only have haste.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] April 19 2005 9:52 AM EDT

Manta, Archery isn't too bad a choice for a MM mage. It would only give a damage boost to the first ranged round (and you would need a bow equipped of course!) I'm not saying it's a better choice than Evasion, but evasion can be easily replicated by a pair of DBs.

With no Dex you could still hit from the bows pth. But with no Str you'll only be doing a little damage to soft targets. but it might be useful for taking out a 20HP enchanter in the first round.

Jason Bourne April 19 2005 10:46 AM EDT

.........the archery is not for the mage is for the tank that it will become soon...right now it is "wasted exp" until i make the transition to a tank.
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