new couple of ideas... (in General)

Jason Bourne May 8 2005 7:07 PM EDT

okay, i have two new ideas, and i would like to hear what people think of them:

first one...

bring back tattoo rentals. now before everyone goes crazy and starts throwing things, listen. its really easy, and probably should have been thought of before. why dont we make it so that when a tattoo is in rentals, it doesnt gain levels. just like people dont forge rented weapons, the tattoos shouldnt gain levels, but this would give all of the people out there a way to try out different tattoos on their characters.
yes i know there is an unequiping penalty, but i have an idea for that too. when you go to add an itme to rentals, make it able to remove it straight off your minion, without the penalty, and when someone is renting it, mekt them unable to change the tattoos level at all. this way you wouldnt have to spend 200k or 50k everytime you wanted to check and see if a different tatoo works better for you.

second idea:

new minion options...

right now it seems we are limited to :

(add more if you think of any)

thats not many options. i was thinking of adding some new and different skills to make even more minion options. maybe something like a sneak skill, so you dont get hit as much, use smaller weapons, and do large amounts of damage, every couple of rounds or so...a n extortion skill, make is so your monetary rewards increase (does nothing to the other character), but also adds pr, so it makes it harder to win, but if you have a solid enough strat to have that skill with it, then you should get a bonus of some sort. spellbook, lets you cast 2 different dd spells...say you train fb for ranged and decay for melee...bring back cause fear...make it the same as amf, except for melee damage...heal, honestly its totally different from AS, (thats like comparing the life gained from va to as, its something totally different, and this way mages could use it) weak spot (has % chance of making a tank or mage not able to fight for a round or two fter a successful hit) critical hit (everyone knows what this is) teamwork (where two minions work together to operate a 2 minion weapon) stealth (you can attack from the back of their line up if its at 1/3 your st or something) artistic talent (like dispell magic, this works on tattoo levels)

using only some of these ideas or others would open up many more minion options, such as:

cleric (dd with healing)
tax collecter (the extortion skill)
scarer (for lack of a better word, the cause fear/amf thing)
wizard (knows 2 dd spells)
assassin (the sneak ability)
mage killer (attacks from the back to the front (the stealth technique)
team players (work with another minion with this at the same level to use a 2 minion+ weapon, such as a trebuchet)
guerilla (attacks the vital/weak spot, and takes down the first minion for a round or two while he hits behind him) useful for getting past pesky cobf walls)
artist (kills tattoos)

just look at all of the new options!! just a few of these would open up the doors of stratagy, wide enough where there could never possibly be a best strat, there would be too many combos! just remember, whatever skill/spell there is in this game, there needs to be a way to nullify it. a dispell amf/dm/ec spell would be nice as well. just think a dispell spells, and dispell magic (then the fight would be all about strength ..of the remaining minions who didnt waste exp on those disenchantment spells that is)

anyways, there are the ideas, tell me what you think...i can come up with more skills/spells if you would like as well...enjoy

LumpBot May 8 2005 7:12 PM EDT

Please read the FORS before posting ideas, it saves a lot of typing on your part. And minions are only restricted to the creativity of the player. Not to be mean, but many of these ideas have been posted under the FAQ under FORS

Jason Bourne May 8 2005 7:21 PM EDT

ok, none of these ideas have been suggested under FORS, except for the healing spells, and i dissagree. its just like i said in the post, thats like saying va adds nothing to the game that just training hp or as doesnt. give me a break...

LumpBot May 8 2005 7:29 PM EDT

So...what is the difference between VA/Ablative Shield and healing? They are the same thing so what exactly are you asking for.

Sneak attack- Sounds like evasion but with more limits. Train evas. instead of Str/dex and there you go.

2 DD spells per minion, yeah and now we have FB in missile and CoC in melee crushing all the CoBFs. This will make mages ultimately better than tanks.

Cause Fear was taken out for a reason, this is Cb2 not CB1.

I really don't want to put you down, I'm not trying to be mean, but I just think you should know the obvious problems.

Duke May 8 2005 11:06 PM EDT

a Playstation should have all you ask for

Reebok May 8 2005 11:25 PM EDT

I do like the idea for tat rentals, I'd really like to try out a ToE on my character.
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