Monty's Cry For Help. (in Public Record)

[Banned]Monty May 12 2005 6:28 AM EDT

Yes. I need help =)

Do not sell me anything! unless I have cash on hand :) or have lessened my debt by alot.

No matter how much i offer you. don't sell to me. I have no will power.

Thanks in advance!

yes I realise how pathetic it is of me to make a post asking you guys not to sel me anything.

(CB1)logan666 [Jago] May 12 2005 6:31 AM EDT

Lol, have you tried overspenders-anonymous?

[Banned]Monty May 12 2005 6:38 AM EDT

whats the number??!?!?!??!??!??! :)

Manta May 12 2005 7:55 AM EDT

Do you want to buy a nice mage shield? Or a compound bow maybe?
Long payplans with low down payment and crushing interest rates are accepted.

[Banned]Monty May 12 2005 8:00 AM EDT


Nixon Jibfest May 12 2005 10:13 AM EDT

are you more than $15M in debt?

Will [Retired] May 12 2005 10:20 AM EDT

not 15 mil but he owes me 1 mil, Barron 4 mil and Tan 6 mil.
Thats a whole heap of 11 million ugliness :P

Xiaz on Hiatus May 12 2005 10:26 AM EDT

You'd think, that after the huge hole of debt you were in on CB1, you'd learn.

Guess not, Monty!

Ascent May 12 2005 10:51 AM EDT

debt = evil. RL or CB. :)

Nixon Jibfest May 12 2005 11:00 AM EDT

Debt not always bad in RL. If you have a 5% mortgage on a house in an area that appreciates 15%-20%/year (like my area), you're doing okay.
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