Thought on battle summary (in General)

AvoidCXT May 13 2005 11:52 AM EDT

Currently, if you got one double hit in the battle, it would show up as Melee Hits / Blows / Avg Damage 2 / 2 / 183,430, and you can't really tell that it was a double hit. If it were to show up as Melee Hits / Blows / Avg Damage 2 / 1 / 183,430, you could easily tell that you had a double hit, and the more info you can get out of the battle summary, the better.

bartjan May 13 2005 1:13 PM EDT

What if it missed in 1 round and double hit in another?

moser May 13 2005 1:42 PM EDT

As long as the subject is here, how about showing what round a minion dies in?

QBsutekh137 May 13 2005 1:49 PM EDT

Dig that idea, moser, though it may be a pain to keep track, especially in the VA resurrection scenarios...

AvoidCXT May 14 2005 12:21 AM EDT

bart - the miss would be 0 / 1 as normal, and the double hit would be 2 / 1, and it would show up as 2 / 2 in the summary, and of course, such a battle would currently show as 2 / 3. And if you get a miss and a double, your average chance-to-hit is probably closer to 100% than it is to 66%. I'd really like to see this change to make it easier to figure chance to hit from the battle summary, and probably should have said that in the first post.

Duke May 14 2005 12:53 AM EDT

I agree on that on my char with archery we could see 7/3 so i know that i did 1 triple and 2 double that will take the same amount of place and can give quick info.

I like that change

(CB1)logan666 [Jago] May 14 2005 12:58 AM EDT

I might be missing something here but doesn't play-by-play show all this information?

QBsutekh137 May 14 2005 1:04 AM EDT

Logan, some folks like the quick hit...first one's FREE kids! *smile*

Also, play-by-play shuts off after flushes, reboots, etc. No matter how much the beta crew clamored for it last December, we couldn't get Jon to make the play-by-play setting be global. As with a lot of things, I must have been missing something.
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