Can we bring back SoDs? (in General)

Will [Retired] May 15 2005 7:22 AM EDT

Or at least make slings more effective...?

I have a staff sling on my low char now and after this NW/PR change the damage it does just makes it pointless for the PR it takes up, even if it does fire in all ranged rounds. On average it does less than half the damage one of my light crossbows does.
Even the + isn't that cheap, maybe it could be scaled down to something similar to a dagger or other low base weapon?

Any thoughts by anyone?

Xiaz on Hiatus May 15 2005 7:24 AM EDT

Slings suck for a reason. I don't know why, maybe ask Jon.

[-war-] May 15 2005 7:25 AM EDT

agree but I think the sling itself should just be cheaper to upgrade.

Will [Retired] May 15 2005 7:27 AM EDT

You can't even train anything to make them work better. Bows have archery, and I see no problem with crossbows... :S

[-war-] May 15 2005 7:34 AM EDT

Face it, crossbows everywhere are nerfed(in most games I mean), either in weapon speed or damage that is supposed to be bigger than bows but is smaller, or that they are just hated so much.

Slings though arn't supposed to do a lot of dmg, most just shoot tiny needles unlike bows that shoot arrows.

Will [Retired] May 15 2005 7:37 AM EDT

Maybe slings could be linked to UC in some way...? That would make them more useful.
Link the UC trained skill to the damage done, higher UC, higher x on the sling. Then it would be a proper ninja's weapon! :D

[-war-] May 15 2005 7:45 AM EDT

UC to sling link would be very useful.

Karmic Mishap [Soup Ream] May 15 2005 7:58 AM EDT

I totally agree! Let's get the monks slinging holy stones around! Pfft... if this does happen, maybe there will finally be some named explosive stones or something, eh? ;)

Xiaz on Hiatus May 15 2005 8:03 AM EDT

I doubt Ninja's were Sling wielding warriors. Were they?

[-war-] May 15 2005 8:04 AM EDT

After talking about this in the channel and finding out the sling is not a blowgun which I kept thinking it was, I came to conclusion of a new item: A sling shield. How does it work you might ask? Well it fires at opponents, and blocks incoming attacks, this weapon/shield would do a lot more damage than other slings would. It would be easy to upgrade/cheap not as cheap as elb but ohwell it is something. Oh and you can't wear another shield with this weapon/shield hybrid.

Xiaz on Hiatus May 15 2005 8:06 AM EDT

Rofl, does anyone remember the post on CB1 about using your shield as a weapon?

Well, someone suggested being able to 'frisbee' the shield and do damage in ranged. I dare not imagine someone attempting to launch a tower shield :D

Xiaz on Hiatus May 15 2005 8:13 AM EDT

Just for you war, this is what a sling looks like and how it is used.

Will [Retired] May 15 2005 4:27 PM EDT

great picture, lol :D

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] May 15 2005 5:07 PM EDT

It's not a Wrist Rocket? On sale right there next to the water balloon launcher and jar of 1/2" paintballs? Something like this:

"Wrist rocket. Don't face down a roadside of empty bottles without one."

AdminJonathan May 15 2005 5:39 PM EDT

/used to have a wrist rocket

/thinks "matthew" needs a wrist rocket soon

bartjan May 15 2005 5:41 PM EDT

Items such as SoD, HoF, CoT and GoP/MoD won't work under this new NW=PR system. They are way too overpowered at 50k NW, and not many want to use them if their NW was scaled up to match their abilities.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] May 15 2005 7:00 PM EDT

And that makes them the ultimate "Newbie" items. Just the thing a new time supporter would want!


Xiaz on Hiatus May 15 2005 8:36 PM EDT

Is that a hint of a new weapon to come Jon?

A wrist-rocket eh? Well I best sell all my weaponry and save up for this new item, which has not appeared yet, but I hope will appear.

[Redneck RV] Truc May 16 2005 12:10 AM EDT

/begins to slowly chant "Tre-bu-chet, tre-bu-chet..."

Victim May 16 2005 4:03 AM EDT

If we got trebuchets, the shop keeper might get annoyed at all the piles of flaming boulders taking up shelf space.
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