Strat Help: Want to change my single ToE Mage (in General)

Tim May 16 2005 4:15 PM EDT

I have had a SMTOE with fireball and protection. I have tried a few different things but I want some advice now that im sort of stuck. Maybe i should try a wall infront of my mage? or maybe an enchanter wearing a ToA tatoo? Not sure... Please any advice is welcome! Thanks.

Tim May 16 2005 5:21 PM EDT

um help? any info on a wall or tank before a ToE would be useful

Arorrr May 16 2005 5:27 PM EDT

Do ToE Fb Mage with AMF.. don't bother training protection higher than base.

Tim May 16 2005 5:51 PM EDT

AMF is better than dispel?

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] May 17 2005 5:14 AM EDT

Hi Tim, my main is set up as Wall/Mage at the moment and seems to be doing ok.

With the removal of CBFs FB has become viable again. Personally, I think DM complements FB too well not to use together. I would stick with AMF if you plan on using CoC/MM though.

With no AMF I suffer from facing DD spells. Even with a ToE (My ToE would need to be a lot larger to face up against most DD). That is why I left a Wall in front of my Mage. I stuck a Mage Shield on him as a psuedo AMF and the recent change has actually made this work! For only my wall minion, the Shield gives him an automatic 39% AMF versus every DD space (bar decay). The wall then gets the benefit of heavy armour and a reduced endurance from the Mages ToE.

While my Mage doesn't benefit from any AMF, as long as my wall lives my Mage has a 50% reduction from FB/CoC before his ToE kicks in, and MM/Decay will hit the wall first anyway.

With FB, my aim is to end fights as quickly as possible. Preferably in Ranged.

When I hit melee, if my wall is still alive he takes damage from my own FB, but his MgS/Armour/Enduarnce reduces that as well.

The inclusion of the Vorpal Blade makes my Wall a little more vulnerable, but if he makes it to melee, he done his job anyway.

I also have the option (but it's not something I'm planning of doing) of training a little str/dex on the wall and making him a weak tank. Might as well have somewhere to use the free weapon NW space! :P

Seekers will be my weak spot. If a large archer can kill my mage in ranged (before my FB+DM can kill them of course!) I'll be left with only my Wall doing passive GA damage to kill. Not too good if the archer is also using a VB. But I don't really want to give people ideas on how to beat me! :P

I hope this all helps, but feel free to drop me a cM if you want to talk some things through.

Quark May 17 2005 11:59 AM EDT

I'm doing similar stuff to GL - I just added a second minion in front of my ToE FB mage (I prefer AMF instead of DM). My second is primarily to fire a round or two of the exbow and knock off the strength of the top tank - I was weak against tanks. My ToE (55k) and AMF protect against most big mages, and now the wall knocks tanks down a bit. I'm building dex on the wall to take on ToA tanks over time.

Mem May 17 2005 2:11 PM EDT

Check out my character, Krang, for my thoughts on changing an SMTOE to a two minion character. It has worked real well for me.

{CB1}Lukeyman May 17 2005 2:17 PM EDT

Noo!!!!!! Don't change perfection, Stay with me my brothers! SMTOE's Shall Previal!!!
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