Knight Online help requested... (in Off-topic)

Achertontus May 30 2005 2:06 PM EDT

I love Knight online, but i cant seem to find how i must chat, and do some other stuff,
Can please someone help me out? if your lower PR cb2 then me,
i might give you some $ for the advice you have to offer.

Thanks in advance...

Special J May 30 2005 2:13 PM EDT

I am not sure about the game you refering to, but I can give you some advice for cb2.

Remove the steel armour from your fireball minion, it has a 3% but in magic skills. Rather go with leather armour if you are wanting something to put on it.

Kilobot571 May 30 2005 5:30 PM EDT

I play the free version of Knight Online, and i like it too, though im not able to play it much. As for how to chat, i didnt know either and figured it out for myself. Just press the 'enter' button, type your message, select the kind of message (ex. private, shout, etc.). To do a private message, select the person my clicking on them and send the message by pressing enter again. Did you follow that? send me chat mail for more advice.

Achertontus May 31 2005 8:43 AM EDT

Got that, thanks a lot.
I have the free download version.
That's all for now.
But if I got any more questions ill sure ask them at you,
thanks matey... :)
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