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[Jedi] Danludar June 4 2005 1:37 AM EDT

Ok well i wanted to start a single UC minion char for the heck of trying might add more later but i cant think of a name any suggestions. I will pick the one i like best and there may be a prize of lets say 10k

Max June 4 2005 1:44 AM EDT

How about....



maulaxe June 4 2005 1:46 AM EDT

Brock Sampson : p
Iron Man
Sensei Chan-San
have one minion named the fist, and another named the furious

thebloomdog12 June 4 2005 1:46 AM EDT


Nameless evil June 4 2005 2:02 AM EDT

Willow Al Phreeno
Zeo de Grax
Bhima Sena


[Banned]Monty June 4 2005 2:09 AM EDT

Zaphod Beebleronx :)

Mistress Reyna June 4 2005 2:31 AM EDT

The lone Kitten

Xiaz on Hiatus June 4 2005 8:17 AM EDT

Jeet Kun Do

TheEvolution June 4 2005 8:19 AM EDT

The Unarmed Warrior

KingMeng June 4 2005 8:59 AM EDT


zeaderan June 4 2005 10:25 PM EDT


i am still pretty new to this game so i am not really sure what UC minion stands for so i just thought of random names off the top of my head.

LumpBot June 4 2005 10:39 PM EDT

Sam Be Nim ;)
It means Master in Korean. It's for 4th degree black belts and up.

zeaderan June 4 2005 10:43 PM EDT

oops.. i apologize for my use of harsh language. i am not sure who the admin person is to the fourm but if you could delete my post that would be awesome. spaceman, thanks for the notice. again my apologies and wont i do it again.

[Jedi] Danludar June 4 2005 10:54 PM EDT

good names but nothing yet and maulaxe single UC minion

Jason Bourne June 4 2005 11:18 PM EDT

Jackie Chan
Jet Li
The One
Trinity (not the trinity like in Wills character)
Kakashi (dont even tell me you havent heard of those last 3 names...)
Muhammad Ali (float like a butterfly, sting like a bee!)
A Tattoo of Jigorokano
Jigorokano Himself
Soulless Automaton
Fists of Fury
SoulCalibur (heh a nice name if i dont say so myself)
Rock Lee (also from naruto, hes the guy that only knows unarmed combat...kinda fits well)

must pad spell checker. honestly, can we have a button to turn this off for some posts? especially ones like this where it is just a hassle because you are making up names?

maulaxe June 4 2005 11:27 PM EDT

well you did say you were thinking of adding more later... is that not what you meant?

anyways here some more:
Dr. Beatdown
your Heartbeat
floor sweeper

LumpBot June 5 2005 12:47 AM EDT

Soul Calibur, I own Jigoro Kano himself ;)

thebloomdog12 June 5 2005 1:11 AM EDT

hey if you are wondering zylo is the best character on an old sega genesis game called shining force. My favorite game of all time. He was also an unarmed combat specialist. just thought i might add.

Jason Bourne June 5 2005 1:17 AM EDT

heh, spaceman, i know you own Jigoro Kano...

but i literally meant "Jigorokano Himself" as the character name :D

LumpBot June 5 2005 1:18 AM EDT

Oh! Lol, no, I got rid of the picture. Actually as a Tae Kwon Do teacher I found it rather ironic that my character is the inventor of Judo =P

Jason Bourne June 5 2005 1:29 AM EDT

heh, maybe u should name your character Spaceman, Danludar :P

[Jedi] Danludar June 5 2005 4:18 AM EDT

Hmmmm i still am not LOVING any of em but i like a few anyone have anything a little more brutal dont really want a anime or manga name

Xiaz on Hiatus June 5 2005 4:34 AM EDT

Siessmic(sp?) Crusher
Bone Snapper
Stone Fist
Hammer Foot

LumpBot June 5 2005 12:31 PM EDT

Booooone Saw!

Nameless evil June 5 2005 6:42 PM EDT

Sharpfist the HeadSmasher

Reebok June 6 2005 4:20 AM EDT

House of 1000 Punches
My Fist Your Head
Board Breaker
Fight Club (with a minion named "Jack's Bloody Knuckles")
Hawiian Punch
Chuck Norris (wait don't use that one it's mine!)

Best I can come up with on short notice.

{CB3}-HR22 June 6 2005 11:52 AM EDT

To Cheap For Armor/(weapons)
Cant afford Armor/(weapons)
Mike Tyson(any boxer)
100% Muscle
Jackie Chan(any martial artist/warrior)

NSFY June 6 2005 1:48 PM EDT


3D June 6 2005 6:53 PM EDT

Teh Noob

DARKtemplar June 24 2005 5:21 PM EDT

Roid Rage

TheEverblacksky June 24 2005 6:21 PM EDT

my left foot

[T]Vestax June 24 2005 7:04 PM EDT

Mike Tyson
Battle Cry "Give me 'er ear!"

George Foreman
Battle Cry "Lean Mean Grillen' Machine"

George Foreman battle cry won't fit though. :p

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] June 24 2005 7:21 PM EDT

Dreaderick Tatum (simpsons ref.) David Carradine (he was monk right) Ralph W. Macchio (The Karate Kid Rocked! didn't it?)

3D June 24 2005 8:03 PM EDT

My Girlfriend

Tyrker [Black Watch] June 24 2005 11:08 PM EDT

Chainer (from magic the gathering)

Undertow June 25 2005 2:07 AM EDT

Headsplitter Skullcrusher

Grom Hellscream

Gruumsh The One-eyed

Jason Bourne June 25 2005 2:47 AM EDT

Soul Crusher
Face Smasher
Bone Breaker
Bone Splitter

Aco June 25 2005 6:40 AM EDT

Megaton Bodyhammer

gooey muppet June 25 2005 7:17 AM EDT

eye-gouge hell-scream
silent death
master of the fist
drunken looter
devourer of entrails
soul eater
guy who kicks stuff
what weapons
im not creative
death of warriors
drunken kicker
headbutt nose-break
foot-stomp toe-hurt
plucker of nose hairs

Aco June 25 2005 8:03 AM EDT

Drunken Brawler
Blood Engorger
Fuel for Hatred
Mach Fists

Kilobot571 June 25 2005 8:44 AM EDT

Phyrexian Hulk(from magic)
Dark Steel Dragon(also from magic)
Give me the money, SLAVE

Rubberduck[T] [Hell Blenders] June 25 2005 10:46 AM EDT

Green Hornet

Dahmer June 26 2005 2:14 PM EDT

The De-Nogginator

HellShark [Formper] June 28 2005 3:08 AM EDT

Spuce Lee!!
(Dunno if name is already taken?)
or maybe Bruce Lee

HellShark [Formper] June 28 2005 3:13 AM EDT

Drunken Boxer?

Aco June 28 2005 6:08 AM EDT

thx for giving such a cheap ripoff of my name

Xiaz on Hiatus June 28 2005 6:15 AM EDT

Is this still going?

Kilobot571 June 28 2005 12:15 PM EDT

i know, really.Started June 4th, currently June 28th, just pick a name and close the thread.

[Jedi] Danludar June 29 2005 5:47 PM EDT

oops i forgot about this um im looking through all the names now i hope i find something

{CB1}Lukeyman June 29 2005 6:13 PM EDT


G Bee June 30 2005 9:52 PM EDT

Big Fat Caucasion

HellShark [Formper] July 4 2005 7:22 PM EDT

What u talkin bout Aco i didn't even read half the names i just remember the name "Drunken Boxer" from a Jackie Chan movie

Kilobot571 July 4 2005 7:46 PM EDT

this has been going on for sooo long its not funny anymore
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