UC, not so bad as everyone thinks? (in General)

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] June 7 2005 12:48 PM EDT

After being reminded by Mags that UC's psuedo evasion is nearly doubled in ranged combat, could Single UC tanks rise to donimance?

UC grants a 1/3 of it's level, before UC boosting items, as evasion. This is nearly doubled in ranged combat. A Gi also grants Evasion (although I'm unsure exactly how now), couple this with a nice pair of DB s.

Just training HP, Str and Dex, while utilising + str/dex items results in a nice level of str and dex, which can hopefully keep pace, if not out do ToA increases (due to the items fixed PR increase, while the ToA continues to increase your PR). A high dex coupled with the highest potential Evaision in the game should result in not only eliminating your melee opponents pth from weapon + and ToA but also lower thier cth from dex (which should be lower than yours anyway)!

So a single UC tank looks like an unstoppable melee machine. It's weakness is magic damage.

You could always train AMF, but who wants to take xp away from your stats or UC skill?

Why not equip the largest MgS you can find (and forgo a ED - which *will* be negated by the higher teams DM anyway..)? Using one like my "Shield of the Damned" would give you an automatic 39% AMF (without the backlash damage) no matter what size DD you face. At no xp cost.

All this, and you're still able to use an ELB for two ranged rounds, with seekers if mages are still too much of a problem! Plus, you can focus all your PR weapon allowance into your ranged weapon of choice!



Manta June 7 2005 1:12 PM EDT

I think you are trying to do too much with just one strategy.
Namely, a single UC char _is_ strong against other tanks, especially if it uses an ax/exbow.
But I doubt that it can do much against mages (but Mags can say more about it).
Moreover, if it does not train some AMF, it will be defeated by base decays (and this I know from sweet experience).

And I think GA\AS teams can be pretty problematic too.
And I do not know how effective a single UC tank is against those archers with big elbows: either it avoids being hit altogether, ot it will receive a lot of damage.

Mags June 7 2005 1:57 PM EDT

Manta's right, there really just isn't much you can do against mages without crippling yourself against everything else as an UC tank. I've tried using a MgS -- and could've gotten away with it back when it gave AC -- but now it isn't worth the drawbacks, particularly the -5 to UC. It also means GA kills you horribly because you can't use DM or VA to compensate.

Decay is an issue in any case, even if you train a little AMF, because many people are happy to pump this far enough beyond base to continue setting your hide on fire.

IndependenZ June 7 2005 2:03 PM EDT

You can always use two minions ... you don't necessarily have to build a *single* UC-tank, right?

Mags June 7 2005 2:08 PM EDT

When you go to multiple minions you start to lose some of the enormous edge that having such large evasion and DX confers. You could certainly do this, but the greatest advantage of UC is that you can be so difficult to hit and have such a massive to_hit.

Regarding archers, they can indeed shoot Brock to pieces. Even ones that don't have monumentally enormous Elbows are very difficult. I don't think the ToA archer will be unscathed by July's change month.
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