The 2% Campaign (in General)

mchaos June 9 2005 4:15 PM EDT

Our you concerned about the legacy of debt we are leaving or CB descendants? Thanks to scandalous financial mismanagement at the highest levels, current Central Bank debt represents almost 20% of total CB2 liquid assets, is this the future we want for CB2?

We at the 2% Campaign don't think so. We are encouraging all users to send 2% of your total cash on hand to Central Bank every Monday. If just half* of us do this, we can enter the new year debt free and proud.

*(yeah yeah,, an exactly representative half of us)

moser June 9 2005 4:18 PM EDT

Why reward the rampant deficit spending?

Instead, send your money to the Cau MH Relief Fund.


mchaos June 9 2005 4:42 PM EDT

moser, you raise an excellent point,

The alternative plan, which was ultimately voted down by the Campaign's steering committee was to solicit donations for a bid to wrest control of the economy from the current administration, a "coupe de banc" if you will. It was decided, however, that this effort would be vastly more expensive and carry substantially greater risk of failure given the immense power and resources of the Central Bank.

QBsutekh137 June 9 2005 6:05 PM EDT

Since my scathing wit got now respect over on the short-lived "What The?" thread, I will repost here as a serious solution:


My name is Adele Ensemble. I am a Nigerian millionaire swimming in naked teen hotties. I have many stakes here in my homeland, but it is all tied up in red tape and my many mistresses. I need you to send me money so that I can give you millions IN RETURN! Please, I need your help, and your kindness will reap rewards more substantial than any other charity may advise. My English is not so well.

Jason Bourne June 9 2005 6:16 PM EDT

/me sends chet a dollar...send the millions when you are ready...ill be waiting :)
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