Accessories and a Communual Character (in General)

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] June 13 2005 8:33 AM EDT

Hi All!

I'm back from my weekend away, very tired and having just crawled out of my first bath in 4 days but a couple of ideas came to me while sitting out on grass on a hot day sipping beer waiting for the next band to start.


With people equipping low end items (and possibly even naming them) just for decorative purposes, why not create an 'Accessories' armour list. These items wouldn't have any stats, and be thing like 'Ornate Ring' or 'Silver Necklace', etc, etc. But they wouldn't add to PR in any way.

Then at leat, people wouldn't have to equip slings or Tulwars or named armour just to add a bit of flavour to thier characters.

Space for these items could alaways be made by deleting the mass of useless weapons/armour.

Commumual Character.

A very expensive idea, possibly one that would only work in an E Clan, or with a group of real life millionaires, willing to sink some USD into the game.

For a rapid gain in PR, get a group of people together (preferably an E Clan) and work on a single character. When a set of BA has been used, and max daily BA bought by one person in the group, they transfer it to the next, and another set of BA and full purchased BA is used. And round the character goes.

Expensive due to transfer fees. But a group of people working on an individual character would be able to rack up a massive PR growth.

I'm going to bed. Without lumpy ground, freezing temperatures, constant low flying aircraft or shouts of "I'm Spartacus!" (This years annoying phrase of choice...)

Quark June 13 2005 9:58 AM EDT

Where were you at? Sounds like a reserves training weekend.

QBsutekh137 June 13 2005 10:11 AM EDT

I think this would eventually be considered an abuse (if it were ever done), even with the large xfer fees, probably making Jonathan add something like a 24-hour moratorium on fights for c character after a transfer. Actually, just a 16 hour moratorium would work, as that would cover all BA able to be purchased (12 hours worth) and the time it takes to accrue the max 160 at the 7/10 level (just a little under 4 hours).

I am not even sure about the logistics of this type of transferring. How much are transfer fees for a large character? When they get into the millions, you are talking about each person essentially spending 15-20 dollars a DAY to transfer it to get the maximum BA usage. I don't see that happening for long... Would you spend over $100 a week to have only a share of a large character?

krasko June 13 2005 10:16 AM EDT

It would be cheaper if you just pay other players with good score to attack you and lose.That would not cost you as much as 15$ a day.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] June 13 2005 12:56 PM EDT

"Would you spend over $100 a week to have only a share of a large character?"

Me? Nope! Not even if I were a millionaire! ;)

The transfer fee is something like 50K + 1/2 PR? What sort of discount do E clans get on this?

G Max, I was at a music festival. Festival istelf is better than others I've been too, but camping and night life isn't as good, as they don't allow campfires and the cold and dark disuade people from staying up too much...
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