DD targets and FB backlash (in General)

QBsutekh137 June 13 2005 10:30 AM EDT

I have been fighting DAWG's character Magnus this morning, and notice something interesting about Round One of melee. In Round One, I still have two minions remaining, while he has four minions plus a familiar.

Here is what my fireball looks like firing at him:

Max's Fireball hit Buba [16836], Wilbur [17000], Farmer Joe [20277], Billy Bob [18832], Billy Bob's familiar [23984]

And here is his fireball firing at me:

Billy Bob's familiar's Fireball hit Grover [23346], Max [64163], Wilbur [34868], Farmer Joe [36812], Billy Bob [36492]

Notice the maximum number of minions/familiars affected is 5. My minion Grover takes no FB backlash in that round when I fire, and only 3 of 4 Magnus minions take backlash when he fires.

It looks like the FB targeting ability caps out at 5 targets, even though now with backlash and familiars, that number could/should be greater than 5. Backlash is not that big of a deal, especially in this case where we are both slightly benefitting. But shouldn't the backlash apply to all minions/familiars who are no tthe one delivering the magic? NOTE: since the targeting still allow five targets, no one is ever getting screwed out of that fifth hit as far as delivering damage to the opponent. This phenomenon can and will only affect backlash, as that is the only portion that could ever make the shot go above five targets.

Anyway, thought it was interesting. If this has already been covered, I apologize for wasting people's time...

Karmic Mishap [Soup Ream] June 13 2005 10:33 AM EDT

I guess Jon really meant it when he said 5 targets, eh? That's mighty interesting... and it kinda makes me sad. That means that while all of my minions live, none of my FB-mage opponents get backlashed... wait, if all my minions are still alive, I don't NEED backlash. Whew.

QBsutekh137 June 13 2005 10:44 AM EDT

Yeah, it is something that only happens if a lot of minions are involved, and I doubt the backlash really decides a lot of battles. Definitely not for me, as the ToE helps my tank make the backlash damage tiny...

Phaete June 13 2005 11:07 AM EDT

Only briefly covered.

Fireball during Melee Rounds

QBsutekh137 June 13 2005 12:07 PM EDT

Sounds like it covers it pretty well. *smile*

I guess it is a "feature". *grin*

sonicstrike June 15 2005 10:33 PM EDT

I had conflicting results. I had 4 minions and my opponent had three, and all survived ranged rounds. I then got this from my own firebal in the first round of meele, with it hitting 6 total targets. Maybe what happened was a "bug" to help it affect tattoo users more, or maybe for this to happen, your opponent has to have 5 targets?
Shadow's Fireball hit -=Hooterz=- [584], -=Haterz=- [483], -=Hellboyz=- [637], Tails [236], Sonic [282], Knuckles [270]
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