Frod/adertyui (in Public Record)

Frod June 22 2005 6:11 PM EDT

Frod is loaning 250k to adertyui for two weeks. 275k to be paid back by 6 July 2005.

Will send on confirmation.

adertyui June 22 2005 6:12 PM EDT

Yep. :nods:

Frod June 22 2005 6:12 PM EDT


[CoU]Frod (Fibby) adertyui (Lazarus) $250000 -- Two-week loan @ 10% 6:12 PM EDT

Frod July 8 2005 1:57 AM EDT

It's two days after payment was due; adertyui hasn't logged in since 1 July.

Adding another 10% brings the total to 302.5k.

PotatoHead July 12 2005 11:46 PM EDT

I had no idea that adertyui had owed you money when he sent me the items. He was an ex-coworker and was moving. I will gladly repay the amount that he owes, and if necessary I will continue to accept any interest you you had agreed to charge with adertyui. I also inherited his debt of 630k to DAWG and I am paying that back as well. I will take care of this debt as quickly as possible. I just recently found out about this debt, today actually as I was searching to see if anyone else was screwed by adertyui. Again I am sorry and will keep in touch with you. My most humble apologies.

Frod July 13 2005 1:20 AM EDT

Given the circumstances, just the original 275k will be fine.

PotatoHead July 16 2005 2:32 AM EDT

PotatoHead (water) Frod (Fibby) $20000 2:30 AM EDT

Sorry this is so slow but I am also paying off another loan of adertyui's of 600K+. But I will continue with payments. If necessary feel free to tack on interest.

PotatoHead July 16 2005 8:19 AM EDT

PotatoHead (water) Frod (Fibby) $20000 8:17 AM EDT

PotatoHead July 16 2005 1:34 PM EDT

PotatoHead (water) Frod (Fibby) $20000 1:32 PM EDT

Shark July 16 2005 2:11 PM EDT

How can you not like one who named himself "PotatoHead"? ....Shark (In Your Eye) Frod (Fibby) $200000 -- for mr potato :) I hope that helps :)

Undertow July 16 2005 3:06 PM EDT

some friend eh?

PotatoHead July 20 2005 7:55 PM EDT

PotatoHead (water) Frod (Fibby) $50000 7:53 PM EDT

Wow. ::Thanks Shark:: Thanks a lot. Er, you sure about that? I mean I appreciate it and all but I dun wanna take anyones fund... but against my utmost appreciative thanks.

::rearranges his plastic facial parts::
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