mage bows? (in General)

Jason Bourne June 23 2005 3:49 AM EDT

ok, remember the linear cost of the CoBF? well i had an idea like that for a Mage seeking bow.

all bows currently look like this (base damage) (multiplier) (plus to hit)

i suggest we add another stat to the end (plus to seek mages)

this would be a stat that can only go to +100 because you can only seek mages 100% of the time once..double hits would be in the plus to hit category.

this would only be forgeable or blacksmith-able

the first takes as long as it would to forge 100k. thats 1%
the second would be 200k for 2%
the third 300k for 3%
all the way up to 10 mill for the last 1%

that would come to a grand total of about 510mill or something for a +100% mage seeking bow, but even if you took it to +25 it would be cool. a bow that seeks mages 25% of the time. 33% would be one in three ranged rounds...

or just bring back the SoD :)

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] June 23 2005 4:10 AM EDT

Then what is the point of Seeker Ammo?

Jason Bourne June 23 2005 4:23 AM EDT

well, seeker ammo would still be around, not many people would deal out 510 mill to hit all the time when they could just use seekers. but for those who never use seekers, a few % chance to kill mages would be cool :)

QBJohnnywas June 23 2005 4:53 AM EDT

oh just go ahead and bring back the SoD. I miss my old sling, GiantKiller was it's name. Go and say hello to it on CB1 if you get a chance.

But if you bring them back make them spawn in the store and be upgradeable... the SoD was useful to a point but after a while you were better off with a bow and seekers.

[T]Vestax June 23 2005 5:06 AM EDT

This idea won't be popular for the simple fact that most people already feel that there is considerable randomness in battles. People want to be able to know that their strat is reliable and that when they click to fight on their fav list, they expect to win. Even if you spend the money to get it up to 50 or 60 percent reliability (twice of what you think would be cool) the player would still be annoyed that someone's character can't be put on the fight list because they only win when the bow seeks the mages. Then when they think about the boat load of money they could have saved by getting seekers they'll be annoyed even further. But if you think their is a market for such an item then I hope for your sake someone posts to say they'd want one too. Not a waste of a post though in that it might inspire another marketable item.
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