paying jon to code things into the game...? (in General)

Jason Bourne June 27 2005 3:22 AM EDT

i remember a while ago, maybe it was in cb1, but in the FAQ's it was talking about little things that people wanted coded into the game, things that were not on Jon's "main list of things to do" that he said you could pay him per hour or so to implement into the game.

i dont know about you guys, but i would be willing to pitch in to be able to set the ratio my minions gain exp at. id definatley pay for this to be coded into CB.

its been talked about, and a lot of people seem to like the idea, would anyone else be with me on this? maybe jon would put it in during change month anyways. but if not, anyone else with me? at least willing to pay cbd for usd to pay jon with? is this offer still up jon?

InebriatedArsonist June 27 2005 3:27 AM EDT

Just great, we'll be inundated with teams that use three weak minions as walls. Yippee. Thanks, but no thanks.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] June 27 2005 3:40 AM EDT

I agree!

I'd get three 20 hp minions for my single mage, set them to gain no xp, so my mages xp isn't diluted and bam!

It would destroy minion based strategy, as there would be no reason not to have 4 minions...

[T]Vestax June 27 2005 3:44 AM EDT

I'm can't afford anything right now. (/me living off ramen.) but I'm going to give this idea my stamp of approval. I'm not even asking for something fully costumizable. Just let me choose which of my minions gets more xp then the rest, then I could change who that is in order to specialize my team. Something simple like that shouldn't cost too much of jon's time and our money (i hope).

Manta June 27 2005 4:10 AM EDT

I always thought that the "little things" Jonathan is willing to code for money are "cosmetic changes", like the MPR graph, not things that would impact the gameplay.

But people who have been around (in CB1) longer than me can confirm or correct my impression.

bartjan June 27 2005 4:46 AM EDT

I'm sure this change will get FORSed instead ;)

Planning ahead when to hire your minions is one of the main strategy aspects of this game. Don't just randomly hire minions, but hire them at the right times, so they all end up with the XP ratios you want them to have.


AdminG Beee June 27 2005 4:57 AM EDT

That said I've proposed the idea before (and discussed on a few occasions in chat) the ability to be able to "bench" your minions before going into battle.

I like the idea of being able to put one or more of my four minion team on the subs bench for specific fights. If minion A isn't required then let him sit out and gain no experience while the other minions get the experience share of a 3 minion team. This tactic could be used strategically to boost exp on specific minions at the expense of others whilst still retaining an element of "realism" with the exp share.

Undertow June 27 2005 5:39 AM EDT

You can already bench your minions. There's a "fire" button that "benches them" and then a "Higher new minion" button that "brings them back to the game."

Works with adjusting ratios too. You want a minion to have a smaller ratio than the rest of your group? Okay, fire and rehire, he'll be smaller ;p

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] June 27 2005 6:42 AM EDT

Or just keep untraining that minion till he's as small as you need it!

csraven June 27 2005 10:48 PM EDT

i dont like that idea at all! thats pretty much bribing him to make you, Slightly if not Majorly, better than every one else... no offense but, i am totally against the proposed idea of buying services off jon for selfish character gain...

Undertow June 27 2005 11:30 PM EDT

I suggest we pay Jon to add guns to the game. They would be really cheap to upgrade to huge amounts, and would attack far more often each round (fully auto yo.) They would have a base of 72 (and still follow the ranged formula of course).

I would pay $500

See, not all ideas Jon will add for money.

csraven June 27 2005 11:33 PM EDT

thats cute... Guns? would you have things like EMP's next? or how about Nukes? either way sounds fun to me... lol ;)

Jason Bourne June 28 2005 1:20 AM EDT

csraven...were you dropped on your head?

how would it make me better than everyone else? even if i hired 2 "full" minions, i still wouldnt be close to dominating, and besides, everyone would have the same ability as me...we would all have 4 minions.

just some people would choose to have 1, or 2 or 3 minions specialize in an area, and the 4th just chill. i dont see how this would give me a "huge" advantage over everyone else.

IMO, its a great way to reduce the single archers that everyone complains about (though ranger would just get seekers for me) and i dont see how it would be that great for me because i like low minion teams. the lower the split on my fireball, the greater the damage.

maybe you just havent been getting enough sleep, but please dont flame me for something without using your brain first.

Jason Bourne June 28 2005 1:35 AM EDT

and another thing, there is no such thing as "timing" if you are looking for a set amount on a minion. (i know that was hard to understand so ill explain)

say i wanted a 100k AS, and thats it. im not going to put it on my wall, his armor would make learning any spell a waste, and i already have GA on my other minion. the only way to get it would be to hire another minion. but i only want one at 100k, no bigger, because thats all i believe ill need for the rest of the game (bear with me). there is no "perfect" timing of when to hire him. if i had got him a while ago, he would be way past 100k by now, or just splitting exp making my other minions weaker, and if i were to hire him in a month, eventually he will reach 100k and then keep going past. i just want to be able to stop him at 100k, and go back to having my 2 minion team.

this makes the game much more strat oriented and much more flexible.

if you think about it, i really only want a 2 minion team, but i need another DM and AS to help me. i dont need them to be big however, just a certain size. once they reach that size, i want to have them stop growing, because then they are making my team weaker by reducing my damage potential.

this DOES NOT only help me. so dont even go there. as an example, say ranger decided his wall lives long enough, he could stop its growth and work on his enchanter for a while, to fully cut out those AS spells that get by him.

spydah could cut off the growth of his tank for a while, and beef up his amf even more to smash those pesky mage teams out there, maybe train some HP's on him with the extra gain.

CT could just focus on his AS to outlive rangers huge DM even more.

you see? this doenst only help helps everyone. everyone would have more control over what happens in their team, they wouldnt have to plan so far into the future. not all of us can see exactly what jon is planning to do, thats why we save and prepare to change, but spells get nuked, and things change, and if we have more control, things change a lot smoother, and with less overall whining.

isnt that whats best?

[T]Vestax June 28 2005 1:37 AM EDT

I forgot about that bribe policy of his being purely cosmetic or minor in gameplay effect. By the way, if you want to see a short list of rejected ideas then visit faqs >> misc. >> question #4. This idea will just be added to it if list as a failed bribery attempt. You'ld actually have to convince Jon this is a good idea for it to work. But since we can't convince ourselves, then maybe we should move onto better or reasonably smaller improvements. Too bad I just bumped this topic.

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] June 28 2005 11:57 AM EDT

Okay, well as pissed as I am that more games don't have a Car you can drive around in. (HELLO Morrowind, Jade Empire, etc.) I suggest Jon add cars to CB, or horses or whatever. That way whenever we are being farmed, we can hop onto our horse and run away. Simple as that. Alright who's with me? ;)

csraven June 28 2005 7:46 PM EDT

Ok soulcalibur...
I already CM you and told you that i misinterpreted what you were trying to say,
AND i appologized!
I also agreed that if the changes were made to the whole game instead of just one player that i too would participate!
So back off man!
Again i appologize if i seem a little miffed, but i did CM you with my appology after i made my post. so there was no need to continue ragging on me!

csraven June 28 2005 7:55 PM EDT

forget it dude... no more posts for me...

Dragon Slayer June 28 2005 8:02 PM EDT

it could be a good idea in theory but theres too much room for abuse...and well if you just want to add things because they are good in theory well take a look at communism its good in theory. in actual practice its completely horrible as this would be too because of the room for abuse.

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] June 28 2005 9:48 PM EDT

Dragon, please tell me that isn't a response to my post.. please.

Reebok June 30 2005 11:43 AM EDT

Yes Veri Morrowind was seriously lacking in the horse catagory.

Anyway I like the "bench my minions" idea. The main flaw I can see is I could bench a minion so Person X could just farm the crap out of me, then switch roles with them.

Otherwise (besides things I'm probably overlooking) it sounds like a great idea. I would love to take out certain minions to even out my XP.

As for the answer of "plan ahead" that's nearly impossible with changes every two months, and most people don't want to restart their character because of a minor change. For example, if AMF got nerfed, my enchanter retrains and is way outsized by my mage (which besides the AMF nerf, is an actual problem I'm having), it would be nice to take out my mage and train with just my fighter and enchanter for a while.

While I can't really see this idea ever being added I don't think it is FORS worthy.
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