We Need Enchantments! (in General)

[Banned]Monty July 9 2005 1:54 AM EDT

there are only 4 offensive enchantments and like 8 Enchent Defenses I think we need more of an option, what do u think?

and I still think we need commas in the transfer log.

gooey muppet July 9 2005 1:54 AM EDT

yeah we do.


[T]Vestax July 9 2005 2:00 AM EDT

Whatever you about to suggest people... it's overpowered.

maulaxe July 9 2005 2:46 AM EDT

that ususally doesn't stop anyone from thinking them up
: P

so here's mine - new EO:

> Confusion
* makes the opposing minions next action (cast spell, fire ranged, melee attack) have a random target from among ALL minions still standing(chosen after the deaths the previous round).
* The effect of the spell is based on the MPR of that particular minion. (the spell level should be around the opposing minion's MPR to get a good chance of 1 confused round). After each action, the effectiveness of the spell upon each minion is lowered by an amount equal to thei MPR (theres the spell level/MPR correlation again, 2 confused actions will need a very high imbalance of power)

- Note that the more opposing minions there are, the more diluted this spell's effect will be; and that minions only get to shrug off the effects when they take an action. (until then, they don't even realize they are confused)
- Also note that FB and CoC are not affected.

[T]Vestax July 9 2005 3:04 AM EDT

Alright then, here's a few of my own.

Laser Surgery - The only way to get rid of a tat problem! The effective level of this enchantment removes that many levels from the opponents tattoo.

Happy Ray - Causes the opponents battle cries to give you compliments instead of what the opposing user specifies. Raising level does nothing but cause the battle cries to happen more often since your just wasting xp.

pwned - Causes you to win the fight in the enchantment phase. You can only lose if your opponent has a higher level pwned spell.

Snatch - The effective level of this spell steals items from the opponent that are equal to or lower then it in NW. The enchanter then uses all of the weapons and armor and thus allows him to strike with each weapon each round. The items are then given back to the opponent after battle with your name etched on it.

Sorry I didn't have any serious ones. I sort of feel already that most of what we will come up with can be emulated with one of the existing spells. However, your idea is simply to add more randomness to the battle, which people already want less of, not more of.

QBsutekh137 July 9 2005 3:07 AM EDT

You forgot one:

Big Red Nintendo Button: Makes you win every time.

[T]Vestax July 9 2005 3:12 AM EDT

But if I have 'pwned' and you have 'Big Red Nintendo Button' who wins? We need to work up a complicated game mechanic for this one.

InebriatedArsonist July 9 2005 3:25 AM EDT

Wait, so where does the Game Genie go? Anyone know the infinite ammo code?

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] July 9 2005 3:33 AM EDT

You are all helpless against my auto-aim and wallhack scripts! muhahahahaha!

Dragon Slayer July 9 2005 4:08 AM EDT

how about the nuke skill...it lets your character build a nuke during the ranged rounds, then during the first melee round he fires it. It blows up in the second melee round killing everyone guranteeing a draw provided your character has enough HP to last till the second round of melee. the only way to counter this would be with the tatoo of hazmat suit and the higher a level it is the higher a chance you have to survive the nuke's radiation.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] July 9 2005 4:12 AM EDT

Confusion - % chance of hitting own minions (or self) trained against opponents HP (disregarding or regarding AC)

Delirium - Melee touch attack (have to be able to hit opponents dex) that causes a stunning effect, duration would be based on lvl trained vrs enemy HP

Time Stop - pauses time during ranged rounds for opponent, trained vrs. enemy
HP (only stops minions from acting whose HP is lower than lvl of stat, 1/3 limits 1 1 round, 2/3 limits 2, etc...)

Jason Bourne July 9 2005 5:09 AM EDT

stun = cast on your own team. when they hit the other team, they have a percent chance of stunning them for the next round.

Demon = basically a summoned wall. the damage recieved is channeled into the demon until it breaks. the higher the demons level, the more hp is has. note that ALL damage is funnleld into him. if FB is cast, or seekers are fired, or a specialty bow is shot, it will fail to seek the targed and will instead hit the demon until it is broken/killed.

critical hit = % chance that that minion will do 150% damage on that round.

Bore = ability to have magic break the amf.
Break = ability to bust the ethereal chains

change dispell magic to dispell everything, amf, ec, all non DD/ spells.

Focus = ability for everyone to channel all their damage onto the opponents main damage dealer. if one guy in the back does more damage, ALL damage goes to him until he dies. this wouldnt happen every round, just the % determined by its level.

*sigh* while im at it, i might as well put down some wep ideas...

darkxbow = the elb of xbows. make these worthwhile again...

century sword. change the BoNE to 100x for the base, and restore this to the best wep in the game again, before the MH came along.

allow enchanting armors/weps by yourself if your enchantment skill is high enough. ill probably make a post on this idea tomorrow, (its rather large and detailed)

well, there might be more later...until then c yas
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