300k Book Contest (in Contests)

SaintMichael July 9 2005 5:41 PM EDT

Name your some favorite book and why you think it's your favorite and if in coincides with my own views you get 300k contest ends in Sunday night. There may be multiple entrees.

Kilobot571 July 9 2005 5:47 PM EDT

My favorite book may be A Wizard of Earth Sea becasue it follows a person through his life where he learns lessons that you could use in real life

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] July 9 2005 5:48 PM EDT

Ender's Game: It reflects on childhood from the childs point of view, even as this child was a prodigy, he had to deal with the same demons everyone else does when growing up. Not the least of them being his great video game skills leading to the annihilation of a alien species.

SaintMichael July 9 2005 5:49 PM EDT

And it don't have to be sappy to win, not that that was Kilo. But it doesn't need to be about lessons and family values. in fact it won't be.

PsyChO July 9 2005 5:49 PM EDT

My favorite book is "A catcher in the rye" simply because i view it as one of the few "real" books.. I couldn't identify more with Holden.

Ox [StephenMelinda Gates Fund] July 9 2005 5:52 PM EDT

I like the book "No One Here Gets Out Alive".

Ox [StephenMelinda Gates Fund] July 9 2005 5:53 PM EDT

A Clockwork Orange is great too. So is the movie.. Don't know which I like better.

SaintMichael July 9 2005 5:54 PM EDT

Ellaberate on "why?"

Ox [StephenMelinda Gates Fund] July 9 2005 5:54 PM EDT

and Siddhartha and anything else by Hermann Hesse

Ox [StephenMelinda Gates Fund] July 9 2005 5:55 PM EDT

Ooh No One Here Gets Out Alive is a great biography on Jim Morrison. It's just really interesting to read about Jim, and I loved the language in it. Siddhartha is very existentialist, and I love that, and Clockwork Orange is just some crazy stuff.

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] July 9 2005 5:56 PM EDT

i like Rainbow Six, even though i dont like reading, i liked reading this book cuz it made me feel like i was there as one of the main characters...=) And i love war games, so tis another reason i liked this book.

Hi im Jake July 9 2005 6:36 PM EDT

i like the books stormbreaker, Point Blanc, and Skeleton Key because it has lots of action and blood and i like blood (evil laugh)ah ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Undertow July 9 2005 6:53 PM EDT

My all time favorite book is "This Perfect Day" by Ira Levin.

It's vaguely like 1984. It's set in a society where there is no crime. But unlike 1984, where for the most part you still have free will in This Perfect Day all of society has been drugged.

This Perfect Day is about one mans strive to have the freedom of emotion, and imagination. And he intends to take down all of society to get it, if he has to.

I've probably read it 8 or 9 times, it's by FAR my favorite book.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] July 9 2005 7:02 PM EDT

100 Years of Solitude - Gabriel Garcia Marquez
It's the most engrossing story of family and the standard
trial and tribulations I've ever read. In addition GGM paints
a prosaic picture of central american life that is unmatched
in it's ability to draw you in.

Maelstrom July 9 2005 7:16 PM EDT

It's hard to say that one single book is better than any others - I generally like different books depending on my mood. However, one book that I have read several times, and still enjoy, is "Dhalgren" by Samuel R. Delany. If you have an open mind and are not easily offended, then it is definitely rewarding to read.

Dhalgren is long, sprawling, weird, controversial, and captivating. It's sort of a post-apocalyptic fantasy about an American city, Bellona, that gets pulled into some other "dimension", where buildings burn at random but are not consumed, the season is forever autumnal, and the people live in true anarchy. The main character has amnesia, and the story tells about how he meets the various groups and gangs that live in the city.

Kilobot571 July 9 2005 7:29 PM EDT

and i wasnt trying to be sappy, it is just what i got out of it

SaintMichael July 9 2005 7:53 PM EDT

I know kb, just teasing you. =)

RessurectionOfBone July 9 2005 7:54 PM EDT

John H. Griffin, a white man from the south, wonderd what it was like to be a black person in the south during the years of segregation so he transformed himself into a black person by using a strong dye and pills that change the pigment of his skin. In about a week he had transformed into a black man. Everything he went through relates to society this day. As a white man he was held high in the community and he found it easy to converse with his neighbors, as a black man is was exactly the same. He kept a journal of his day to day experience and he realized that black and white people are the same. BLACK LIKE ME is a book that makes an attempt to brake barriers and build bridges. BLACK LIKE ME shows how dumb and arrogant stereotypes are and it shows how we should all live in peace.

A movie that i found just as insightful as black like me is Higher Learning with Samuel L. Jackson. If you have seen Higher Learning, Black Like Me is very similar when it comes to the moral of the story.

Other good books are: Cather In the Rye, Hot Zone, and To Kill a MockingBird.

{CB1}Lukeyman July 9 2005 8:05 PM EDT

I don't know if I can single out one book, i love all the books i read, John Grisam*spelling* is a great author, and i am currently reading "The King of Torts" which is amazing.

I love the book, "To Kill A Mockingbird" It really taught me something and made me understand what it was like back then, and it just got me right into the book and I felt like I was one of the characters.
While I was reading this once, I was so into it, that my mom asked me to put our dog outside, and I was like, ugh, now i have to pause it, lol seriously, thats what i was like, i was so into the book it was like a movie. Thats what i love about reading, it's like a great movie, you just don't "read" you watch a book, in my opinion.

LumpBot July 9 2005 8:18 PM EDT

Starship Troopers is an amazing book because it shows that no matter where you are or what time, military is tough. It also shows people don't really group together unless something dramatic happens. That and it was just a really cool book. Who wouldn't want tactical nukes on their arms?!

RessurectionOfBone July 9 2005 8:54 PM EDT

lol lukey, change the name of the book into any other book and it wouldnt change. hahaha. Nice. thats what some of my essays sound like

Khardin July 9 2005 9:15 PM EDT

I'd have to choose douglas adams hitchhikers guide to the galaxy. i was first introduced to the series when i was about 8 or 9 by the infocom game on my dad's friends mac. he would hardly ever let me play, but i was obsessed with the game. a few years later, i read the books and have read them countless times since. they're great. adams understands perfectly how absurd and pointless life can be and provides a perfect model of how a universe full of 'intelligent' life would work. hilarious, insightful, and extremely easy to read.

it was really hard to resist naming hundreds of different books and authors.. but this book probably means the most to me sentimentally.

SaintMichael July 9 2005 9:36 PM EDT

Hmmm, that's a very close one, but perhaps the one I have in mind isn't as "comic."

Jason Bourne July 9 2005 9:46 PM EDT

my favorite book, is Faith of the Fallen. book 7 i believe in the sword of truth series. in this book, something terrible happens to with wife of the main character, and he must travel to distant lands by force of a girl named Niki. throughout the book, richard never gives in to nikis damands, always keeps his integrity.

during the book he strives to do good in a town that has given up faith that things could ever be better. while the people have lost faith, Richard comes in a works hard to restore it. he shows them true happiness, freedom and in the end he liberates the town. its an inspirational story about a guy who never gives up, even when he looks like hes been beaten. i like those kinds of stories :D

HellShark [Formper] July 10 2005 8:59 AM EDT

hmm.... i would have to say my favorite book would be when the lion feeds (Wilbur Smith) because it really captures the reader and i couldn't put the book down a hell of a lot of action

Karmic Mishap [Soup Ream] July 10 2005 9:55 AM EDT

I'd have to say that God-Emperor of Dune is definitely a favorite of mine. Right in the middle of all the action of the Dune series, saving humanity and whatnot, you get to observe the universe through the mind of its ruler, predictor, and god. The fact that it was actually done right makes me wish Frank Herbert weren't dead...

QBSefton [Black Cheetah Bazaar] July 10 2005 11:06 AM EDT

The best book perhaps of all time is Snowcrash by Neil Stephenson. The main character is Hiro Protagonist (have to love that) He is a computer hacker, sword weilding pizza delivery guy. The story starts out as a him trying to deliver a pizza, then falls into a biblical study into the nature of language, and how language effects man. Then ends is a thrilling chase scene on a aboard a glommed together "raft" of old ships and boats. There is a weapon called reason (what a great name, they will listen to reason). There is a massive matrix scene. The whole book is a gem. You will love it as will anyone who like their camped mixed with thought provoking ideas. This book had me researching the bible to see if what was said was fact or fiction, have to love that too :) These is even the coolest skatebaord and coolest method of skateboard travel I have ever scene :) Also a very unique manner of birth control (or sex control) that saves someone's life.

SaintMichael July 10 2005 6:42 PM EDT

Sounds great, unfortunately no one got it. The answer is The space trilogy (ie: Out of The Silent Planet, Peralandra, That Hidious Strength). Because it mostly teaches us the relativity of good vs. evil and the human natures inclination to evil which is sometimes forgotten in this fallen world. Good and evil are sometimes taken as simlilar opposites and this book think reminds us of that. It also has a great, great story line.

maulaxe July 10 2005 6:44 PM EDT

I loiked those books as well, but not my favorites... not surprised that no one got it

SaintMichael July 10 2005 6:49 PM EDT

Well yah but it was 300k, and I had more books on my list that could have won. But these were just my favorites.
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