BAD AUCTIONEER (in Public Record)

Bezfidd July 11 2005 5:45 AM EDT

I put my compound bow in auction on sunday june 10 2005.It is a named tension band 5x52+52.i I put starting price of 2 million and a buy now at 2.2 million and a buy now at 2.2 million. I am writing this because, the next time i logged on it had sold for $22 and that is not my intension to sell it for that. I would like to get my comp bow back please. please send reply.

Undertow July 11 2005 5:56 AM EDT

First, I'm assuming you mean July 10th.

Second, your screwed man. Best bet (only bet actually) is to message the guy that bought it, and pray that he's kind.

Otherwise that's a 2,199,978 CB2$ stupidity tax.

AdminG Beee July 11 2005 5:58 AM EDT

Bezfidd (Tekyanova) Snownt (Tragdor) TENSION BAND [5x52] (+52) (end-auction 26794) July 10 2005 11:10 PM EDT
Snownt (Tragdor) auctioneer (auctioneer) $22 (bid 26794) July 10 2005 11:10 PM EDT

I can't confirm whether the item was put in for auction (by your own mistake) for only $22 or if there has been a genuine system hiccup. Perhaps a full-admin can help...

Meanwhile, I suggest you contact Snownt direct and try and work something out.

MrC [DodgingTheEvilForgeFees] July 11 2005 6:01 AM EDT

Just curious, but you didn't type, 2.2 or something in the box rather than 2200000 did you?

Also, you should consider that more likely than not, you typed wrong and did actually set the buy now to 22, we've all made stupid errors with things like that, it's not uncommon to make the mistake if you aren't very careful. And think about the poor guy who bought the compound, he payed for an item and if it is returned, then he would lose on this 'deal'. Which is simply not fair.
At best, if it was a bug I think you could only hope to get some form of compensation from Jon. He's a good guy, but isn't known for giving refunds... so don't hold your breath. ;)
Or, if you contact the guy who bought it, perhaps you can make a deal with him. Maybe offer him 20k in exchange for your compound back? That way you both win, you avoid a big loss and the other guy gains nearly 20k.

CoolWater [Superheros] July 11 2005 6:02 AM EDT

You can't have buy now less than min bid. The system wouldn't allow it.

Vaynard [Fees Dirt Cheap] July 11 2005 6:05 AM EDT

Just to throw in my two cents, I concur with the other posters. Most likely it was a mis-type that was the problem. Heck, mistakes happen. Just chatmail the guy that bought it, and be nice and courteous and explain your problem. Offer a small compensation.

Oh, and try to talk to this guy and give him a little advice- like how if he tries that 6 mill NW weapon on that little team of his he won't get hardly any more rewards for a long time because of the PR gain. Maybe offer to buy him a weapon that would be more fitting for him ;)

Hope that helps.

Undertow July 11 2005 6:09 AM EDT

Oh, yah, and.. well you seem like the type that would send a message like:

"The auctioneer screwed up and now you have my bow! You better send it back or I swear I'll kill you!!!!111!!1111eleven.."

Don't do that.

Bezfidd July 11 2005 6:09 AM EDT

it's his i'll leave it as it is , he can have it

RIPsalt3d July 11 2005 6:48 AM EDT

I just put an item in auctions for 22OOOOO and approved it without looking at the details. It went through without a problem.

In case your theme is weird or something, those are Os, not zeros.

Carnt Spall July 11 2005 9:34 AM EDT

salt3d, was that the rapier that you put in for 2 million? Because I just bought it for $22...

QBsutekh137 July 11 2005 9:37 AM EDT

If you do get it back, I got a cool 2 million here to give you for it...up to you, man!

Carnt Spall July 11 2005 9:38 AM EDT

O never mind, I see now

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] July 11 2005 9:40 AM EDT

lol carnt, he said those are "O's" not zeros (0)...=P

Carnt Spall July 11 2005 9:43 AM EDT

yes I'm stupid =/

Interesting that you can still put an Auction through even if the min bid/buy now fields have invalid characters in them.
Putting Gdg6RGFDcb3 in the min bid field would be read as a min bid of $63 for example.
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