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Mandy [Journey] July 15 2005 12:54 AM EDT

I use to be on an alliance - but I was small - got mulated (Badly I might add) in the middle of an alliance war. I would like to join another alliance - but I would like to join one which is on its feet and not created just because someone wanted their name to appear on something.

I am:
Level 31
Population 4,869
Army Size 320
Offense 0
Defense 2,890,720
Spy Offense 1,053
Spy Defense 0

If you think I would be a good member in your alliance - please post here or send an invite to "glowangel" on darkthrone

Reebok July 15 2005 4:58 PM EDT

Not sure if you're in the CB alliance yet, but we have one. I'm not sure who still plays there, but I'm always active.

Mandy [Journey] July 16 2005 4:30 AM EDT

nope.... I wasnt in any alliance till today - and its a newbie alliance. I would like to join the cb alliance...send me an invite if you dont mind - my name is glowangel

{CB1}[umk]Fangs July 18 2005 12:56 AM EDT

if you want, i can hook you up with TUWF alliance.. :)
its one of the biggest alliances in Dt :)

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] July 18 2005 1:08 AM EDT

my main alliance has 500+

send an invite to smallpau1 for CB clan. I'm level 75, 12+ mil attack...=)

Disclaimer July 18 2005 11:19 AM EDT

TUWF will fall to RoD and AoR!!!!

We will destroy The Undead War Factory in this war!!!

Rise of Darkness will prevail.

Nameless evil July 23 2005 7:58 AM EDT

Try Incinerators alliance, so far they still not involved in TUWF - Default vs. AoR - RoD. If you decide to join an alliance that currently at war, and your enemies know it, your population will be wiped in a few days by assassination and attacks. Except you decide to untrain all your units and do nothing.

For that level, your spy defense and defense are too low to enter the war.

Some higher level players lost more than 20k population in a few days.
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