Having brake issues with my truck. (in Off-topic)

Special J July 21 2005 11:46 AM EDT

All of the suddon I can push my break peddle to the floor with little effort. I do slow down, but there is no suddon stopping, so if a car was to pull out in front of me I have an issue.

The brake fluid is full, and there is no fluid on the front discs, no leaking under the vehicle. It seems to me that the rear brakes are engaging but the fronts never do. This was not an over time problem, it was a suddon one.

Any ideas?

bartjan July 21 2005 11:54 AM EDT

Tezmac July 21 2005 12:00 PM EDT

Id say its your master cylinder.

Special J July 21 2005 12:07 PM EDT

I just took it over to the shop, and they agree it is the Master Cylinder.

If it's not one thing it is many.

Don't buy an H2, I have more problems out of this...well I don't want to get fined for expressing my feelings towards it.

Tezmac July 21 2005 12:30 PM EDT

It should still be under warranty though right? If not, it's not too bad, its was a couple hundred bucks when it went out on my Acura.

Special J July 21 2005 12:35 PM EDT

Yes it is under warranty, and the dealership that does the warranty work is in another state.

So I can either pay for it myself and have it done today, or have it towed (which is bad for cars) to the dealership, get a loaner from them which will be some sub compact piece of crap, then have to drive back to pick up my truck and put needless miles on something that already has a resale value of toilet water.

Yes, I am irritated today.

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] July 21 2005 1:58 PM EDT

Point of clarification: You drive the H2 and get your news from FOX?

Special J July 21 2005 3:30 PM EDT

Yes, not all H2 drivers are liberal ;)

There are those who will get this, and those who will not.

QBsutekh137 July 21 2005 5:58 PM EDT

I guess I don't get it...I would guess more conservatives/Republicans drive the H2... But that's just me being a stereotypical Liberal.

Stephen July 21 2005 8:33 PM EDT

Apply the computer method. If your brakes fail, just switch off your truck, restart, drive on and see if it happens again.

Karmic Mishap [Soup Ream] July 22 2005 2:38 AM EDT

Chet, he was being sarcastic.

And doing it well! ^.~
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