Oddbird/Monty deal (in Public Record)

QBOddBird July 27 2005 3:30 PM EDT

Since, at this point, it no longer matters that anyone knows who sold Sign of Earth to Monty and he's selling it because its basically become worthless to him, I thought I would post the chatmails/transfers into Public Records (we were going to wait until the interest took effect in two weeks, but obviously there's no point to hide it any longer. (not entirely sure why he wanted it hidden in the first place, but that's OK.)

All of these transfers can be checked in my transfer logs and his.

Chatmails: OddBird

To: Captain Obvious Sent: 9:56 PM EDT Delivered: 10:03 PM EDT Deal between Captain Obvious and OddBird. I am selling you a named ToA Sign of Earth ($8327438) for 7 million CB2$ on a p/p, interest beginning after 2 weeks at 5% weekly. Records will be kept in ChatMail and Item Tracking/Transfers, and I will copy each statement and transfer to a seperate .txt to keep payments in order. Downpayment will be 400k. Confirmed?

-Namechange occurs-

To: [YG]Monty Sent: 11:50 PM EDT Delivered: 11:50 PM EDT 13 days left until interest begins. Balance: 6,600,000. (7/25/05)

To: [YG]Monty Sent: 12:58 AM EDT Delivered: 6:13 AM EDT 12 days left until interest begins. Balance: 6,600,000. (7/26/05)

Chatmails: Captain Obvious

From: Captain Obvious Sent: 10:03 PM EDT Delivered: 10:03 PM EDT Confirmed

Transfers: OddBird

OddBird (Wisdom) [YG]Monty (The Silver Kiss) Sign of Earth ($8327755) -- for p/p in CM July 24 2005 10:23 PM EDT

Transfers: Captain Obvious

[YG]Monty (The Silver Kiss) OddBird (Wisdom) $400000 -- Dp foolz0rz :) July 24 2005 10:20 PM EDT


7,000,000 owed.

400,000 paid 7/24/05

New Balance: 6,600,000

Captain Obvious changed his name to [YG]Monty 6:28 AM EDT 7/25/05

That's all I had copied down. As of now, he owes me 6.6 million and has 11 days left to pay before interest occurs...however, I am moving interest back a week considering what has taken place here. I really do feel bad for Monty, this is the worst possible time for this to happen to him. Just thought I'd go ahead and make sure this was in PR.

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