Brock adopts a tattoo (in General)

BrandonLP July 27 2005 8:33 PM EDT

Combat Results (Thanks to Lukey for helping with the math as these numbers are extremely tedious to type into a laptop. I guess that means if the math is wrong, it's his fault too. ;) Kidding.)

First number is average ranged damage, second is average melee damage, third is HP remaining.

Stats - UC (82), HP (243,923), ST (203,410), DX (440,497), AC (131)

I Win - 34,296/35,276/34,032
grasshopper - 15,927/36,144/435,372
UserFriendly - 39,581/32,595/396,858
ElvenArcher - 39,684/36,742/68,303
dnnxone - 33,146/51,375/44,470
Sparky - 26,262/43,883/66,320
SDS PAGE - 24,938/53,233/312,969
Biscuitback - 35,679/40,119/251,455
TheElvenRanger - 42,835/45,741/-14,406 -- DRAW
Warami - 28,015/34,907/133,296
Talhearn - 35,812/34,827/-120,166 -- DRAW
Justonius - 33,600/41,962/278,552
Snow Leopard - 38,772/40,578/147,724
Recolector - 28,015/28,339/304,364
Freak Brothers - 37,575/34,260/172,324

Average: 30,297/39,332/203,541 (Note that I didn't count negative HP, as it would skew the results)

Note that all of the above were draws or wins.

Now, we equip the ToA and the results are as follows:

Stats - UC (70), HP (243,923), ST (279,654), DX (470,889), AC (59)

I win - 37,848/32,208/-20,219 -- LOSS
grasshopper - 33,409/35,348/413,544
UserFriendly - 46,955/25,738/390,992
ElvenArcher - 41,712/32,522/50,644
dnnxone - 39,971/56,703/-63,849 -- DRAW
Sparky - 30,779/42,540/31,969
SDS PAGE - 23,707/46,259/318,638
Biscuitback - 37,757/32,874/225,689
TheElvenRanger - 47,836/0/26,718
Warami - 47,496/30,743/102,596
Talhearn - 38,885/27,969/-89,333 -- DRAW
Justonius - 46,171/39,705/312,317
Snow Leopard - 44,278/32,809/107,808
Recoletor - 37,371/24,104/307,099
Freak Brothers - 40,112/34,026/155,142

Average: 39,619/35,253/203,596 (Again, no counting negative HP or the fight in which melee wasn't reached)

On _average_ while using the ToA, these percentages show the advantage/disadvantage of a ToA versus Gi and EC:

Ranged Damage: +30.77%
Melee Damage: -11.57%
HP: Not worth noting the difference

Even with the losses, Brock seems to do better with the ToA, on paper. Note that this ToA wasn't using Brock's max tat allowance. I'd love to try this again with a higher ToA, so I could accurately see if the ST from the ToA would make up for the loss in melee damage, which helps Brock survive due to VA.

flamewind July 27 2005 8:35 PM EDT

What level ToA was this?

BrandonLP July 27 2005 8:39 PM EDT

108k ToA. Not exactly high enough to outdo the Gi and EC fully, but high enough to probably illustrate the fact that a higher ToA could easily be better.

flamewind July 27 2005 8:42 PM EDT

I could loan you A Tattoo of Augmentation lvl 308,420 to test with a higher tattoo. It adds ~210k str, ~195k dex.

BrandonLP July 27 2005 8:46 PM EDT

That would be great, but I'm tied up for the next hour and a half with working out and cooking. If you could send it over after that, that'd be great, or send it over on a 6 hour loan.

Synco July 27 2005 10:06 PM EDT

Mags would be proud. =P

BrandonLP July 28 2005 12:39 AM EDT

Test using a 308k ToA. If someone wants to run the numbers and get averages and such, I'd appreciate it, but I'm not doing that crap again on my laptop:

Stats - UC (70), HP (243,923), ST (419,689), DX (590,919), AC (59)

I Win - 52,887/41,208/57,313
grasshopper - 30,632/46,280/408,636
UserFriendly - 53,713/41,435/355,089
ElvenArcher - 53,784/41,447/69,366
dnnxone - 43,096/53,217/-50,266 -- DRAW
Sparky - 36,645/44,947/18,389
SDS PAGE - 39,970/65,570/310,302
Biscuitback - 53,755/40,788/195,558
TheElvenRanger - 63,001/0/10,636
Warami - 52,345/43,954/146,115
Talhearn - 42,771/41,075/-31,875 -- DRAW
Justonius - 52,008/48,750/291,327
Snow Leopard - 52,421/0/142,694
Recolector - 49,220/38,167/297,950
Freak Brothers - 58,439/38,565/152,885

TheEverblacksky July 28 2005 1:02 AM EDT

w00t for UC

BrandonLP July 28 2005 1:20 AM EDT

The point of "w00t" is still far off. As it stands, I'd be better suited to using a decent-sized MH/ELS/BoNE/BTh. However, the ToA is proving to be much more useful than a Gi and EC.

I'm really just waiting for GL to show up and surprise me with something hidden he found in the numbers. ;)

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] July 28 2005 6:03 AM EDT

OK, worked out the averages for the last set of fights (Ignoring the two melee rounds where damage wasn't done, and the HP s for the two fights with negative results) and summerised all three sets.

Stats - UC (82), HP (243,923), ST (203,410), DX (440,497), AC (131)
Average: 30,297/39,332/203,541

Stats - UC (70), HP (243,923), ST (279,654), DX (470,889), AC (59)
Average: 39,619/35,253/203,596

Stats - UC (70), HP (243,923), ST (419,689), DX (590,919), AC (59)
Average: 48,979/45,031/188,943

As you can see, the ToA far out performs the Gi. I'm not sure why the bigger ToA gives less HP s, but ranged and melee damage has increased by nearly 10K each from the smaller ToA.

With UC dropping from (82) to (70), because of the pth given by a ToA, all you're really losing is weapon damage (x12) and some AC.

As shown, the increase in Str makes up for the lack of weapon damage, which coupled with VA offsets the drop in AC. Plus, with a high dex, tanks are going to have a very hard time hitting.

BrandonLP July 28 2005 8:33 AM EDT

I think the reason HP dropped is because Brock is dealing more damage in ranged, thus isn't having a chance to fully utilize VA like he was.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] July 28 2005 8:46 AM EDT

Yeah, You'ld take more damage from GA during the ranged rounds, as VA doesn't work then.

Plus, there would be less HP left on your opponents to leech VA off of when you get to Melee...
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