A Soul Familiar is bored.... (in General)

Jason Bourne July 28 2005 2:21 AM EDT

im bored...give me a strat that sounds cool to do :D

you can use any item in the game you like, money is no object (past 15mill that is)

if i like it, ill try it. :) i may even throw in something for you if its really that good...

i have a few in mind, so if nothing is in here thats interesting, ill stick to those...but id really like to get everyone in on this one.

my MAIN question is, how do you effectively shut down the FF, AND stop big TOA tanks?

post away :D

Duke July 28 2005 3:12 AM EDT

ETM with SF

E DM/ ga or AS
Tank with mgs MH/ELB archery mid AC (MC EB SC Tulk HOE MgS)
Mage with FB that wear the steel familar with MCM

The ELB/DM shot will get of 1 minion on most team.The FB fire on opponent team with 1 less minion so at most dmg are split in 4 in overall it should be 2 or 3 so rather decent DM.2 round of range should can in either on the 2 E or wall/TOJ so the ELB will deal max dmg out again.FB will fire on opponent team as in 1 round.The interesting thing is happening here at 99% the SF will fire at the mostlikely 3 minion.On let say Spydah team the 2 E are dead so your 1 MM is not waste on E but hit the TOA tank.In CT type of strat it will finish the 3 minion.In eithers there only 1 minion still alive or they are all dead.The 3 round there a chance that you will die VS FF/FB/DM as dmg was split in 2 after 1 so at best FB/FF/DM will have a draw so to avoid that large NW on MgS will be need as melee weapon is not really need so $$ should get concentrate on ELB CORN MgS.

[T]Vestax July 28 2005 3:16 AM EDT

A single minion axbow only Tank team. My original plan for this character was to heavily invest in a MgS and a Axbow. The point is that you can put all you money into one weapon that makes fighting tanks easier with every shot and that can get around Walls and hit Mages once everyone else is below 20 DX. This could have also been done with exbow but I thought the DX penalty in melee would have made it impossible to be effective.

If you want I could loan you most of the gear for free once I get them back from rentals.
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