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Staind2b July 29 2005 4:31 AM EDT

I believe it's a good idea, but I have a problem with it, though minor, it's still annoying. Every time I go to train, i sometimes miss "Max" and hit "Other". The window that pops up wastes time for me. I know, you are probably gonna say, "Just don't miss max you doofy", well...I say, I can't help it.

I've got an idea, though I'm no expert with coding, and anything related with it, of putting "Other" next to "rename" or "fire", under the learn spell, and enchantment boxes . Anywhere in that area, that way, it's out of the way, but at the same time, still there.

Like I said though, I'm no expert at coding, and I do not know what is required to do this. I just can't stand that window popping up all the time.

Zephyr July 29 2005 4:39 AM EDT

I've never noticed the other option before =P

Undertow July 29 2005 4:57 AM EDT

Jon's not one to change something he just added for the ease of one user who clicks like he's drunk.

bartjan July 29 2005 4:58 AM EDT

If this new 'Other' option bothers you, then please explain why the popup for 'Unlearn' didn't bother you?

Xiaz on Hiatus July 29 2005 5:03 AM EDT

Click on the drop down menu, then press the m key. Problem solved.

[T]Vestax July 29 2005 5:52 AM EDT

This just may take some getting use to is all. I'm sure you didn't have a problem with accidentally clicking on untrain, which also immediately brings up a pop-up.

Other people should refrain from claiming 2B clicks like a drunkard just because he has habitually trained himself to click the option second from the bottom. I trained myself to look for max, but that's just me. Different minds work differently.

maulaxe July 29 2005 12:38 PM EDT

i had problems only for about one and a half runs through the train page, maybe i just learn quickly or somehting...

Dragon Slayer July 29 2005 12:45 PM EDT

i guess im like maul i had a problem first time before i'd read the change log but, after that i was fine...

Staind2b July 29 2005 2:31 PM EDT

The reason why the unlearn didn't bother me was because I got used to where max was. It's become a routine for me. I guess I should just give it some time, to break my routine and all. Also though, I'm just curious as to how many people will use it. If it's the minority, I just thought that maybe the idea I have would be okay. I'm just exploring ideas, but I suppose, like a few people said, give it some time.

For your information, I am not a drunkard, because I don't drink. I do not take kindly to insults thank you very much. :P

Special J July 29 2005 2:45 PM EDT

No it won't be changed, move along.

Maelstrom July 29 2005 3:08 PM EDT

2B, I know what you mean. I've always just clicked on the second last option in the training amount drop-down list, which used to be Max, and I also got the Other pop-up window the first time I trained after the change.

But even though I see no purpose behind the training of a specific amount of XP, I'm not complaining. I can adapt to deal with this new option! :)

And if you really don't like it, just don't train as often ;)

Staind2b July 29 2005 3:34 PM EDT

Lol Maelstrom....I know, that is why I said, "I guess I need to give it some time" :)

mrwuss...didn't you say that when the "Other" option was first introduced?...It's here!!

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] July 29 2005 3:40 PM EDT

I don't think I've ever used the "loaned/rented items" button and I could accidentally click it when I'm clicking on forum link. Does that mean it should be taken out? ;)

Staind2b July 29 2005 3:44 PM EDT

Oh, but that is different in my opinion. You can clearly see, and distinguish from forums, and loan/rented items. Also, there is a tiny gap in-between them ;)

Barron [CB2BANK Investors Club] July 29 2005 3:59 PM EDT

i use loan/Rented VERY often--that's the fastes way so check on items you have in rentals.

Staind2b July 29 2005 4:23 PM EDT

I never said either of them were hardly used, I am just saying that it is much easier to select them because they are further apart, and do not jump to the next link above or below when your cursor is at a certain point. Also, like I said before, they are easier to distinguish.

[T]Vestax July 29 2005 4:30 PM EDT

Just to let you know, I pretty much use only the other option from now on, but then again I was always one to keep my strat tidy.

QBsutekh137 July 29 2005 5:37 PM EDT

"M", baby!!!!! "M" Is ALL YOU NEED!

Run it to the max all the time! Yeah! Let's watch some NASCAR!

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] July 29 2005 5:42 PM EDT

why this? why not add some options to something folks actually use, like favorites list? how about some way of altering the range for the "clannites neer my power? I find that PR is once again a lousy measure of a persons power, and find many people far above my PR who I can beat, who are not even CLOSE to getting listed in the auto add thingy. I realize the new cb2 version fightlist should be done someday, but why can't CB itself offer a little help to a clannite in need?

Special J July 29 2005 6:00 PM EDT

You will never please everyone with every change, but the few who whine have no real basis to complaing.

The masses wanted this and it has been requested more times than anything else, now it gets put in and people complain about it.

Where were they when it was being discussed to begin with?

Staind2b July 29 2005 6:18 PM EDT

On Vacation.

Special J July 29 2005 6:56 PM EDT

On vacation since jan 1st?

that is how long this item has been requested

Staind2b July 29 2005 8:27 PM EDT

Really? I must have missed it then. I tend to read the first few posts, just to get the general idea of what people think, then I just ignore the post....It's a bad habit of mine. One I must change.

Koala July 30 2005 12:07 AM EDT

Jon's not one to change something he just added for the ease of one user who clicks like he's drunk
thats not very nice
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