Anyone else hate this? (in General)

QBOddBird August 3 2005 10:37 AM EDT

OK, so every once in a while (2 or 3 times a day?) my fights get reset to Play-by-play off, as in, when I switch to my smaller character and begin fighting I normally have it on, but its automatically switched to off. So for my first fight, I don't see what goes on, because I wasn't able to switch it back on yet - and in this latest case (and a few others), I lost that fight. I would like to know why I lost so that I can adjust my strategy, but I'll never know unless I intentionally go back in 30 seconds and lose to that person again. I know this happens to others, as I have brought it up in chat and others have agreed that yes, they hate this as well. Can anything be done about it?

0=) Thanks in advance.

matteo48 August 3 2005 10:44 AM EDT

Yes i have the same problem, can anyone help us out ?

Who Dunnit August 3 2005 10:46 AM EDT

I as well have been encountering this minor issue. during battles (mind you its usually hand-fulls at a time) eventually the P by P switches it self off which in turn leads to minor strategy issues. not that its a major problem yet a minor bug fix that would take the monkey off our backs.. thanks for the tech support..

Starseed^Lure August 3 2005 11:04 AM EDT

Yeah, it is annoying. I don't remember this phenomenon on CB1, though.

QBsutekh137 August 3 2005 11:06 AM EDT

Play by Play setting has never been persistent on CB1 or CB2. Any time there is a sizable reset or cache flush, it goes away.

Myonax and I pleaded heavily while beta testing CB2 for that to change, but it didn't. I have no idea why.

[EG] Almuric August 3 2005 11:08 AM EDT

This is normal and will not change.

The longer explanation is that Jon resets the play-by-play flag during every refresh/cache flush. Although play-by-play isn't super-bandwidth intensive, it's still extra data that has to be sent, especially considering there are hundreds of thousands of battles a day. Jon would rather that people only have play-by-play on if you really need it. Saves in CPU and bandwidth resources. A faster server makes for happier players. :)

(Jon has never actually enunciated his exact reasons, afaik, but I'm pretty sure I'm close to right. Someone will correct me if I'm wrong.)

QBsutekh137 August 3 2005 11:11 AM EDT

I think you are probably right.

[EG] Almuric August 3 2005 11:13 AM EDT

Chet, I need to give you my wife's cell phone number. She'll be very surprised to hear there's someone who thinks I'm occasionally right.


QBOddBird August 3 2005 11:34 AM EDT

In that case, though this probably conflicts entirely with that explanation you just gave, would it be possible in any way for the last (probably 5) fights to be saved in case you wanted to check back and see what happened? You know, just 5 previous fights kept and then deleted as another fight would solve the problem from a different approach. I didn't quite understand your explanation as to why Play-by-play cannot remain a static constant (on or off), but if this doesn't work either, just tell me and I'll try to think of something else that can be done to possibly solve this problem. I just don't like losing and not knowing why ;) 'specially when I have an average of oh, say 7 losses per 100 fights - I don't want to wait around for another loss just to see what I did wrong. I'd rather correct it while I'm ahead :) Anyways that was just another suggestion - shoot it down, effect it into the game, explain why it wouldn't work, I don't mind which you do - I just want to find a solution. =)

Special J August 3 2005 11:55 AM EDT

No, saving fights would be a bigger strain on the server. The reason that Play by Play is not static is because there are those who would turn it on and never turn it back off, but they would also not being using the information that it prints. Thus, wasting bandwidth, CPU and in the end response time for everyone else.

All I can tell you is what everyone else does, fight someone and turn it on, more than likely you are zooming through fights with it off, simply turn it on before you need it and it is off.

QBOddBird August 3 2005 12:05 PM EDT

No, you're misunderstanding - I'm not zooming through fights, its simply that at the first fight (clicking fight from the home page) I lose and cannot see why because play-by-play had been turned off. I see what you're saying, though - my last solution wouldn't work. How about this - could there possibly be somewhere else to turn Play by Play on from, other than from the fight screen? That way, after it had been reset to off, I could click "on" and have it turned on for that first fight. Then I wouldn't have to fight one person blind in order to turn it on. How's that sound?

Zoglog[T] [big bucks] August 3 2005 12:08 PM EDT

Simple solution to your problems.

Fight someone you know you can beat
Switch on Play by Play
Go back to fighting your normal opponents

Special J August 3 2005 12:10 PM EDT

OddBird, this is one of those requests which has been asked for many times, and turned down just as many.

Synco August 3 2005 12:36 PM EDT

I think that the play-by-play option should be in settings so OddBird can turn it on before he fights everyday.

QBOddBird August 3 2005 12:36 PM EDT

Well, I'd still like to bring it up. Couldn't a link be added elsewhere to turn Play-by-Play on? :-D pretty please? I'll even turn in CB$ to make cash ta pay him, it would just be extremely useful to some of us.

QBOddBird August 3 2005 12:38 PM EDT

I agree...that would probably be the best place to put it.

Mikel August 3 2005 10:38 PM EDT

I've done this too. Hit someone that I was testing, I think the default should be should be show data if you lose. That way for the most part, everyone can be happy.

and OddBird... Shouldn't you be forging :P

Zoglog[T] [big bucks] August 3 2005 10:51 PM EDT

While at it, isn't it annoying when you don't expect a botcheck so you click forums or train or something and then miss it?
I think we should really go and make it display the botcheck whatever you click after!!
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