Why do I need this expensive VB again? (in General)

Sukotto [lookingglas] August 9 2005 12:20 AM EDT

Ok, this is just silly. I put my VB [75x14] (+10) in the blacksmith and wielded my tiny little Cutlass [14x3] (+5). Wouldn't you know it. I regenerated a few more BA so I thought I'd quickly fight them.

Wouldn't you know that I beat all the people I normally beat? It took a few more rounds (like 10 instead of 5) for a few of them but still... It make me wonder if it's worth while putting money into my VB instead of saving up for some other equipment.

This is on my ET character Skucum

Does anyone else just not bother smithing their weapon until they get much higher up the score ladder?

Relic August 9 2005 12:22 AM EDT

Not many chars at that PR level have much Endurance/AC/Protection to be cut down by the VB. So, it affect will be small until higher level.

QBsutekh137 August 9 2005 12:30 AM EDT

Or maybe it means you could beat some higher characters with the VB?

Sukotto [lookingglas] August 9 2005 12:31 AM EDT

At the moment, I don't really paying attention to the "cut AC/Protection in half" part of the VB. I'm just surprised that my 14x3+5 weapon seems to be just as effective as my 75x14+10 one. I thought the bigger weapon would make more of a difference.

Sukotto [lookingglas] August 9 2005 12:33 AM EDT

If I recall correctly Chet, you used a scythe for a long time on your main cb1 character. Did you put a lot of money into it?

QBsutekh137 August 9 2005 12:59 AM EDT

Touche, my friend, touche.

I do think the VB is a bit of a better long-term weapon than a scythe, however. *smile*

Oh, and it was a scythe AND a halberd! Yeah, two tanks baby!!!!!! Gotta love that 0.9 score/PR ratio!

Myonax August 10 2005 3:50 PM EDT

Zubbus had a Glaive of Pain when he was third highest pr in CB1.
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