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trigun August 16 2005 10:46 PM EDT

Can i suggest like a built in function for making tables when posting in fs/wtb thread for those who are not too good with html? thanks.^_^

Special J August 16 2005 10:47 PM EDT

No, learn to make them by hand, download a free WYSIWYG editor or use auctions.

trigun August 16 2005 10:52 PM EDT

that was a quick burn..-_-

Special J August 16 2005 10:53 PM EDT

no it wasn't a burn, I just get to the point rather than sugaring it up.

trigun August 16 2005 10:54 PM EDT

dont offence take..hehe does any1 else think this feature would be useful? ^_^

wldflr August 16 2005 10:58 PM EDT

I think that's a great idea! :)

I finally see August 16 2005 11:00 PM EDT

I agree.

Xiaz on Hiatus August 16 2005 11:01 PM EDT

I hatetables.

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] August 16 2005 11:04 PM EDT

Perhaps a little something in the Wiki? How to correctly put links in the forums would be lovely too.

wldflr August 16 2005 11:07 PM EDT

I agree with Bast. It would be nice to hear a firm no from the actual creator before throwing in the towel tho :)

QBsutekh137 August 16 2005 11:13 PM EDT

mrwuss has a point, bluntly made as it was...

There _are_ HTML editors out there, so Jonathan could recreate the wheel here within Forums, or folks could learn and use a tool meant for the job. Mozilla has a fine composer, and table tags are simple (trust me, I am HTML-illiterate). Shoe-horning a specific tool into a generic toolbox is always fraught with peril. *smile*

Sorry, mrwuss, I just can't stop the sugar. *smile*

Though, as a simpler solution, would there be a way to have three options in the "Reply text is" dropdown:

Plain Text (monospace)
Plain Text (proportional)

You'd be amazed at the things I've done with a simple monospace font. Folks would hardly need tables at all. *smile*

[EG] Almuric August 16 2005 11:30 PM EDT

Jon has looked at WYSIWYG editors for the forums. I'm sure if he found a good solution he'd implement it.

QBsutekh137 August 17 2005 12:22 AM EDT

All I am asking for is a different default font. *smile* I need not a new editor.

NSFY August 17 2005 12:33 AM EDT

I agree with Bast about the wiki thing.

btw mrwuss is wrong - trigun can suggest it. In fact, he may suggest it.

[T]Vestax August 17 2005 12:53 AM EDT

Thanks Almuric, if you hadn't linked to this VERY RECENT DISCUSSION, I would have done it myself. Jon has looked into it and didn't like the options he found the first time through for usability reasons. He is, however, still looking into it from what I understand.

As for html 101 there are two ways to make tables that I will show you. The easy way and the not-so-easy way.
The Easy Way: The 'pre' Tag
The 'pre' tag is a block-type tag (don't worry about what that means) that will include any 'white space' (spaces, tabs, and carriage returns) that is usually ignored in html. It also makes all the text within the tag mono-spaced, which makes this useful for making your own tables without much of a learning curve. What you see is what you get, so html that looks like this:
  | Name      | Char           | Strat |
  | Vestax    | Off Air        | Bad   |
Will in fact produce this in the browser:
  | Name      | Char           | Strat |
  | Vestax    | Off Air        | Bad   |
Since this could be hard to construct in the forum box I suggest opening a program like notepad to make the table. Then copy and paste it and surround it with the 'pre' tag and submit.

The Not-So-Easy Way: Actual Tables in HTML
Tables are actually made of several tags and have many options available to them. However, we will cover what is required just to let you post a basic FS/WTB table. You begin a table with (drum roll please) the 'table' tag. Now the table will appear invisible some of the time (browser dependent) unless we add a property to it. By setting boarder equal to 1 we make the borders of the table visible to everyone. So this is what I mean:
  <table border=1>
The other tags you need to know are the 'tr' tag and the 'td' tag. 'tr' is suppose to mean table row. while 'td' stands for table definition (i think). Basically after you make a table you need to make a row, or a set of horizontal blocks. Then within each horizontal block there needs to fill it in with the meat of the table. So if we were to barrow the table from the easy example above it would have 2 rows with 3 definitions in each row.
  <table border=1>
Notice that we made matching closing tags for the 'tr' and 'table' tags yet not for the 'td' tag. The 'td' doesn't need to be closed, but I tend to close it anyways as a tidy habit of mine. Now we just need to fill the text of this table of ours:
  <table border=1>
      <td>Off Air
Which should produce html that looks like this:

Name Char Strat
Vestax Off Air Bad
Hope you all enjoyed the lesson. I might have put this in the wiki, but all this cool html stuff would be a bit difficult over there. Good luck. :)

trigun August 17 2005 2:00 AM EDT

thanks guys..^_^

DAWG August 17 2005 2:06 AM EDT

I haven't posted anything in the wiki yet just haven't had the time ever to mess with it.... but if it is html than posting a link should be quite easy... example

<a target="_self" href="http://address">Link name</a>

now I could be wrong but I do know using the target = "_self" with frames that will open the link in the same frame

I think though just leaving the target="_self" will also work because I think there is a css that is set up to default all links, unless set manually, to go to the same frame...

ok this is jumbled so I don't think it makes sence but this was in reference to bast's question

[Banned]Monty August 17 2005 2:13 AM EDT

I always used

<a href='url'>words</a>

it always opens in same frame

[T]Vestax August 17 2005 2:14 AM EDT

The wiki doesn't really let you make links using the 'a' tag. Rather the wiki has it's own way of having your generate the links. This makes using the target property a bit difficult. However, It should link like that anyhow. The big deal is that you still need an exterior source with which it link to, since things like the 'div', 'span', 'table' and 'pre' tags don't exist in the wiki world. I could link to this post, but it's not quite obvious that a lesson is hiding at the bottom of it.

CoolWater [Superheros] August 17 2005 4:44 AM EDT

Create a template for the table or get it from someone and re-use it each time you need to use it. I always have a table template in a notepad and each time I need it, I just cut and paste. All you need to do then is to make minor changes to the table to suit the items for sale.
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