Question about Protection (in General)

Barron [CB2BANK Investors Club] August 18 2005 9:50 AM EDT

This probably has been discussed in previous threads, and I apologize if I missed it. 2 questions:

1. Does Protection protect against AMF backlash?

2. Does Protection protect against Fireball damage to friendly minions in melee?


AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] August 18 2005 9:52 AM EDT

1) No. Only Endurance does.

2) Good question... I'm inclinded to think only a ToBF would...

Barron [CB2BANK Investors Club] August 18 2005 3:55 PM EDT

Thanks GL.
It does protect against GA damage though right? Maybe I'm not understanding Protection well but the description is:
"Reduces damage taken by targets. Applied after armor."

So why doesn't it protect against all damage taken by all targets? Maybe AMF backlash is not targeted damage--so that could be one explanation. Friendly fire fireball damage is also not targeted to hurt your own minions--i guess it's mis-targeted. You could take the opposite point of view and say that all damage is targeted, I suppose. If you look at the graphs, one wonders why Protection is one of the least trained and least popular EDs.

Is it because Protections sucks. Is it because Protection is poorly understood? I'm just making some observations. When you say "I'm going to protect you" it generally means that any harm is decreased. But here, it appears that harm is separated into categories and Protection just protects against some harm and not others. It's been a curiosity of mine for awhile, and that's why I'm questioning it.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] August 18 2005 4:45 PM EDT

I think AMF and FB splash are different to 'normal' damage. Nothing reduces AMF, bar Endurance.

Does AC reduce FB splash? If so, then Protection should do as well. If it doesn't, then we'll have to view AMF and FB splahes as unique types of damage.

Grant August 18 2005 7:33 PM EDT

I'm pretty sure that friendly fire is reduced by all normal means.
Note in the battlelog below, Wall (with a 90 AC and a mage shield) takes substantially less damage than the rest of my minions.

Magic Missile's familiar's Fireball hit Enoch [8462], Jesus Christ [5591], Elijah [8547],

Dispel [4206], Ablative [3710], Wall [2083], Magic Missile [4020]

[T]Vestax August 18 2005 7:44 PM EDT

A little off topic but how exactly did Jesus Christ take the least damage on the opposing team. Enoch has the most AC in that team and Elijah Is the one wearing the ToE. Take look for yourself.

Grant August 18 2005 8:09 PM EDT

Magic UC power :)

Barron [CB2BANK Investors Club] August 19 2005 9:40 AM EDT

" I'm pretty sure that friendly fire is reduced by all normal means. "

So, Grant. does that mean that Protection should decrease friendly fire damage?

And that still doesn't answer why AMF backlash is considered such a different damage type that it is not affected by AC, or Protection. I mean AMF backlash and friendly fire are very similar type of damage. It doesn't seem fair that some type of damage is only reduced by a ToE. In my opinion, Protection should have an effect on all types of damage, possibly to varying degrees, but not necessarily.

RIPsalt3d August 19 2005 10:14 AM EDT

Reduces damage taken by targets.

The targets referred to are those Protection is cast upon. Since friendly fire is damage, Protection reduces it. As everyone else has been saying, the only exception to this rule is AMF.

So the answers are:

1. No.

2. Yes.

Barron [CB2BANK Investors Club] August 19 2005 10:55 AM EDT

Not everyone, but close.

It's my opinion that friendly fire harm is not much different from AMF backlash. Therefore, those an all other types of harm should be decreased by Protection. You can say AMF backlash is not harm but that would be stupid. You can say that AMF backlash is not damage but that would be ridiculous. Why does it escape Protection's sphere of effect?
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