MageSwords, TankSpells & wives. (in General)

I was Dignifried Bean August 29 2005 9:12 PM EDT

Two things occurred to me during yesterdays 17 hour CB2 click binge.
First, I thought it would add another magnitude of choices to the game if there was a ranged-only DD spell (flipside to the Archer-CoC combo)
It would be neat to have a couple of melee weapons that took precedence over existing DD spells (same general idea)

Second - I think my wife was talking to me yesterday... I dont have a clue what I agreed to :P

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] August 29 2005 9:30 PM EDT

1) Ranged only DD spell would add some interesting options, I like it :D

2) Though this could have some interesting effects, I like option #1 better

3) That will come back to haunt you ;-)

wldflr August 29 2005 9:33 PM EDT

Tyr, I lost my husband to CB long ago. There was only one option left!! Join and play more than he does :) We look forward to seeing Mrs.Tyr join soon lol

Undertow August 29 2005 9:39 PM EDT

I like both ideas a lot. The more "new effects" we get for weapons, the better.

Just don't add elements.

Maelstrom August 29 2005 9:50 PM EDT

Both of those ideas are really good!

Shark August 29 2005 10:01 PM EDT

new weapons class? Land Mines..Booby Traps.. (V)oo(V) Mr Lobster says he Don't like Traps

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] August 29 2005 10:02 PM EDT

*slayer eats mr. lobster....mmm...good thing I got him in the bear trap ; )
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