Camping (in General)

Will [Retired] September 13 2005 11:06 AM EDT

Bored? Ex-Camper? Something missing?

Collect base weapons! w00t!

Well I heard that someone else was trying to collect them so I figured id give it a try, heres what I've got so far:
(How dumb/bored/stupid am I? ;P )

A Great Axe [56x1] (+0)
A Scythe [48x1] (+0)
A Claymore [38x1] (+0)
A Lucerne Hammer [28x1] (+0)
A Long Sword [24x1] (+0)
A Tulwar [18x1] (+0)
A Mace [16x1] (+0)
A Cutlass [14x1] (+0)
A Rapier [10x1] (+0)
A Sabre [12x1] (+0)
A Whip [9x1] (+0)
A Dagger [4x1] (+0)
A Staff Sling [2x1] (+0)
A Sling [1x1] (+0)

They're actually quite hard to come by, its taken me a month to get these...

Icewindvz September 13 2005 3:58 PM EDT

you poor thing +)
But nice job

Best wish

BMWheatley September 13 2005 4:08 PM EDT

I camp base weapons also. its fun ; ) heres what i have

A Halberd [52x1] (+0)
A Halberd [52x1] (+0)
A Bastard Sword [40x1] (+0
A Lochaber Axe [50x1] (+0)
A Long Sword [24x1] (+0)
A Broad Sword [30x1] (+0)
A War Hammer [20x1] (+0)
A Main Gauche [6x1] (+0)
A Dagger [4x1] (+0)

Stephen Young September 13 2005 4:49 PM EDT

By the Powers That Be! Camping was insanely boring enough when there was a chance to make money--but this!?

Campers truly are a special breed.

RIPsalt3d September 13 2005 7:19 PM EDT

That's not camping, that's OCD.

Inferno September 13 2005 7:21 PM EDT

A Rapier [10x1] (+0)
A Whip [9x1] (+0)
A Long Bow [3x1] (+0)

Just got from store right now lol

Maelstrom September 13 2005 8:19 PM EDT

lol salt3d, so true!

Nixon Jibfest September 13 2005 8:51 PM EDT

I'll start the bidding at 100,000 for the Dagger [4x1] (+0)

Inferno September 13 2005 8:53 PM EDT

You can't bid here, this isn't FS/WTB.

maulaxe September 14 2005 1:23 PM EDT

finally, a use for tulwars : )

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] September 14 2005 2:44 PM EDT


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