100K browser solution (in Contests)

I was Dignifried Bean September 25 2005 3:12 PM EDT

My friend is having trouble with his browser. He is using an I-Mac with OS9. I will pay 100K to the person "HE" says was the most helpfull in solving his problem. IE and mozilla crash with CB.
Show him that the CB community is as wonderfull as I have built us up to be.
You may start helping...NOW!

bartjan September 25 2005 3:20 PM EDT

Please enlighten us what your definition of 'crash' is...

[T]Vestax September 25 2005 3:29 PM EDT

All of CB is basic HTML which is generated server-side, except for the chat. My guess is to start looking there. Many people have had Chat issues because it... well it's Java based, not much more can I say. It would also make a good amount of sense since it affects both IE and Mozilla.

You can go to http://java.sun.com/j2se/downloads/ and pick up a fresh copy of the Java Runtime Program. If the newest version still glitches then uninstall and try later versions since the chat, given it's age, should still wok with them.

Orkamat September 25 2005 3:39 PM EDT

Crash, as in the browser dies suddenly and the Finder says "[browser] has unexpectedly terminated because [of uninformative gibberish and an error number]." What else does crash mean?

I was Dignifried Bean September 25 2005 3:44 PM EDT

OOPs.. I guess this is important information.
you are all helping "Orkamat". Feel free to CM or post here. posting is probably better for obvious reasons.

[T]Vestax September 25 2005 3:46 PM EDT

Blah, when I said later versions I meant earlier versions.

The interesting thing is that I haven't yet found a version of the JRE that can be used for an I-Mac.

Orkamat September 25 2005 3:57 PM EDT

Clarification: My problem is iMac with OS 9. I can't download an updated MRJ from Sun, or IE from MS, or firefox or anything else because I don't have (and can't run) OS X, and the standard download sites no longer support anything for OS 9.

I'm running Opera 6.0.3, which is a less than fully satisfying experience. Lots of features don't work well, or sometimes at all, but at least it doesn't crash. Is anyone in CB land having any better luck running Mac OS 9?

[T]Vestax September 25 2005 4:05 PM EDT

Well I can't say I've had much or any experience with OS 9. Yet, if you can access the site with Opera then may I suggest you go to 'settings' and turn off the chat. Then log in again using one of the other two browsers. If it doesn't crash then it was just the chat. This will allow you to play the game with a better browser with the loss of only one feature. Yet some would say it's an entire side of CB that you would be missing.

I was Dignifried Bean September 25 2005 9:04 PM EDT

It looks like Vestax is in the lead...but Im not the judge. Doesn't anybody out there use MacOS 9?

{CB1}Bio September 26 2005 3:28 PM EDT

tell him to get the new aol browser...thats what i use it comes with the new version of AIM you can get it from www.aim.com they have mac and windows downloads

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] September 26 2005 3:39 PM EDT

B wins the "Out of the frying pan and into the fire" prize, congrats!

{CB1ate}aupStar September 27 2005 5:26 AM EDT

Netscape Netscape Netscape Netscape

Click to goto dl page

Me likes netscape a lot...=) It looks much nicer than IE and I feel it's much more stable...Try it and see if it's any better...=)

Orkamat September 27 2005 8:49 AM EDT

Netscape doesn't have a Mac OS 9 download available. Their last OS 9 version was an utter dog.

AOL has AIM for OS 9, but no browser that I could find.

[T]Vestax September 27 2005 9:51 AM EDT


This pages promises to contain "information about Apple's Java implementation for the Classic Mac OS". It eventually will link you to:


This is suppose to be the standard Mac support for Java. It is the MRJ SDK 2.2. Since it's linked from the Classic Mac OS page I assume it is compatible with Mac OS 9. I could be wrong but this may be what your looking for.

I was Dignifried Bean September 27 2005 11:05 AM EDT

The plot thickens. I get a mail message this morning, and I quote:[They] reset my account because (I'm guessing) a browser crash during registration left me with a 2nd account I didn't know I had, so I'm starting over. Did you get your vorpal sword back?

At least it was just a reset, but I am thinking the job of showing him how nice this community is just got a lot tougher. Oh well, whats done is done, hopefully.

Vestax, you are a saint. May some of your community spirit carry over to the masses.

Orkamat, can I send Vestax the money?

and my sword vaporized :*(
and the browser blues go on :P

AdminG Beee September 27 2005 11:41 AM EDT

...showing him how nice this community is just got a lot tougher.

Not at all. We have a nice community, although granted you may find it a harder challenge to get him to like me as I was the one who reset his account.

I can live with that ;)

Xiaz on Hiatus September 27 2005 12:14 PM EDT

Admin's should adapt a catch phrase, for everytime they ban/reset/burn/kick/butcher someone.

I suggest, "It hurts me more, than it hurts you" - :)

And G, you're gonna have the guilt of ever punishment you've dished out. You know it's true!

I was Dignifried Bean September 27 2005 12:32 PM EDT

I found my sword! G_Bee was just doing the admin thing, forgive and forget I say. You all know it's a thankless job. C'mon now... group hug!

I was Dignifried Bean September 27 2005 3:55 PM EDT

muzzled]Tyr (Eternal Champion) [bot]Vestax (Off Air) $100000 -- browser help 3:51 PM EDT

Orkamat September 27 2005 5:57 PM EDT

You've been a saint, Vestax. Unfortunately, I had already been to the MRJ link, and either the file is faulty or I'm missing software it needs. I already have MRJ 2.2.5 installed, and it works for some java apps, so it probably wouldn't help anyway.

Crashing and semi-functional browsers had already made CB a rather frustrating experience. Getting my poor minions wiped as a side-effect of browser crashes during registration didn't elevate the fun factor at all.

If I had wanted a second account (I can't imagine why) I wouldn't have been nearly as stupid about it as I've been accused of being.

Tyriel [123456789] September 27 2005 6:40 PM EDT

Well, I have iMac OS X, and CB doesn't work too well on IE or Mozilla, either. But I use Safari, and it works perfectly fine, save for a minor detail or two.

I doubt that it'll work, but it's what worked for me. Maybe it'll work for you?

AdminNightStrike September 28 2005 12:08 AM EDT

I would say go here:


Run the chat client as a stand alone application outside of your internet browser. That way, you don't run the chat client in a java virtual machine embedded in a browser window. It'll just be a separate program.
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