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AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] September 26 2005 8:31 PM EDT

Help, I'm looking for a player that is roughly in the $150 - $200 market that has a good amount of space to hold songs. Inotherwords, an iPod is too expensive, or too lacking in space. Can anyone direct me to a good iPod alternative? I've been searching and searching and I've found a number of okay players. But I'm not sure any of them are "The One" for me.

Here is what I've found already...

Archos GMini - xs200 - found for $194

iRiver H10 - found for $186

Rubato 20gb - found for $149

Any other suggestions welcome.

Special J September 26 2005 8:57 PM EDT

M : robe.

Made by olympus, 5GB of space, touch control, nice menu layout.

Only $99 at Radioshack after a $30 mailin rebate. Or, $129 for those like me who forget to send in rebates.

It is brand new and we are only carrying it until we sell out, if a store you goto doesn't have one, tell them to look around in the district for it. If this is not possible for you let me know and I will take care of getting you one and shipping it to your house.

I love mine, was considering an iPod, till now.

[EG] Almuric September 26 2005 8:58 PM EDT

The entire Rio line has been discontinued. If you go on Ebay and search, you might find a good deal.

Caveat emptor, of course, since you won't get any warranty protection.

empty orchestra September 26 2005 9:03 PM EDT

i still use my good old rio 500. solid as a rock and works great to this day, never had a problem that a little electronics lube couldn't fix. of course it is ancient now and the storage is lame compared to most of todays players, but you can find 'em on ebay for ~$30 (i paid ~$200 for it back in the day). much better than the cheesey low-end mp3 players they put out now.

the panasonic d-snap line looks really cool, but the talk of converting files to a proprietary format scares me.

i must say that ipod nano thingy is looking oh so sweet. /me drools
as you can probably tell, i'm a sucker for all tiny gadgets. =P

poke around on engadget. they always list really cool, new mp3 players there.

Undertow September 27 2005 12:14 AM EDT

I gonna go with Wuss, as I also work at Radio shack. I almost sold my last m : robe today, but he just didn't want the display model, even with a double warranty.

And the buttons will never wear out. Why? BECAUSE THERE ARE NO BUTTONS! It's crazy style touch sexiness. Gonna make you say "uuuuhhhhhhhh"

maulaxe September 27 2005 1:15 AM EDT

I scoff at ipods.

a yearish ago I got a 40gb RCA bundle of sweet, sweet music. It doesn't have a great interface, nor great battery life (it is, after all, a hard drive - flash cards aren't nearly that big yet), but I love it.

lately, since all three of my pairs of headphones are having "issues" right now, It has been mostly serving as a portable hard drive. which is super useful anyways, because i can move music to and from work/school/home.

all for 200 bucks, I bought it "refurbished" from
but don't listen to me, I'm biased.
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