would any of you like to join a clan? clan ONSAUGHT needs members (in General)

RAND0M-X September 29 2005 12:36 AM EDT

As said on subject liine, I am looking for people who might like to join my clan.

Lu Bu[willsue] September 29 2005 12:42 AM EDT

it could work for me. what do i have to acheive?

RAND0M-X September 29 2005 12:45 AM EDT

In my clan you make your own goals ,as longs you your in it.

Lu Bu[willsue] September 29 2005 12:47 AM EDT

well easy enough for me. Ill join.

Duke September 29 2005 12:54 AM EDT

Ill try to send few of my mentee

Nixon Jibfest September 29 2005 2:12 PM EDT

I'll give a rare to anyone who joins Random's clan and gets 15,000+ clan points per week for the first 2 weeks.

Will [Retired] September 29 2005 6:04 PM EDT

no way, i didn't mean to join a clan that was actively recruiting :S

errr oh well...

{CB3}-HR22 September 29 2005 6:06 PM EDT



RAND0M-X October 4 2005 1:13 AM EDT

Wow thanks for the help jig. i was wondering how i got these people to join my clan.
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