travel question - what to bring back (in Off-topic)

maulaxe October 6 2005 1:52 AM EDT

OK, heres a question for everyone - What should I bring back from Korea that I can't get here?
(I'm going with family to see family, next week)

InebriatedArsonist October 6 2005 2:01 AM EDT

Dirt from the DMZ?

maulaxe October 6 2005 2:17 AM EDT

overrated : )

I can get dirt anywhere...

Gilgamesh2090 [NCB Shop] October 6 2005 2:20 AM EDT

some real Korean getup.

maulaxe October 6 2005 2:31 AM EDT

I guess I can score something to use for halloween, thats coming up.
that should be interesting :D

InebriatedArsonist October 6 2005 3:10 AM EDT

Okay, perhaps some authentic So-ju?

maulaxe October 6 2005 3:31 AM EDT

(google is my friend...)
I'll have to try some first.

Grim Reaper October 6 2005 5:17 AM EDT

Things to get from korea:

Nuclear bomb
Small pox

Ok the list goes on mainly about weapons but I guess that is the only worthwhile thing to bring since they would be happy to give it to you.

Xiaz on Hiatus October 6 2005 8:53 AM EDT

Some decent Kim Chi.

QBOddBird October 6 2005 8:56 AM EDT

a woman!

maulaxe October 6 2005 8:59 AM EDT

-hard to get through customs,
-I hate the stuff
-I'm sure they all want to come to the US!

Will [Retired] October 6 2005 10:19 AM EDT

I remember in 2000 when I went to Shanghai there in a mall shop was a display case with a load of ninja stars and knuckle-dusters and the like... I really wish id bought one some of those and posted them to myself rather than wasting my money on one of those foldable scooter things. (alright, I was 16!!!)

One of my [more dense] friends bought some nun-chucks and brought them back in his case, I remember him bricking it as we were going back through customs because he thought he was going to get searched. muahahaha. laugh at Mark, point and laugh.

Grim Reaper October 6 2005 2:15 PM EDT

I accidently hit a wall where there was a ninja star hanging ontop, let's just say the tip fell on my forehead and didn't break the skin. It was kind of funny because it just stood up with the tip touching the forehead and I didn't want to move because I thought it would be worse.

Ilovehellokitty October 6 2005 2:28 PM EDT

...sigh...without a brain....

Stephen October 6 2005 6:39 PM EDT

Bring back the latest electronic gadget from Samsung, LG, Daewoo or Hyundai. Perhaps an internet refrigerator? Or maybe a car from the latter?

Then realize that the US operates on a different mains voltage from the rest of the world.

maulaxe October 6 2005 7:22 PM EDT

well my dad suggested chopsticks, I like that idea. they probably have like, cell phones in them by now.

how much would it cost to mail things to youself back in the US? I don't expect I'll need to, but if there is something really cool I will simply die without, It'd be nice to know...
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