A Tattoo Of...Stamina? Think Up of your own tattoo! (in Off-topic)

Untouchable October 7 2005 11:18 PM EDT

Think of how cool it would be if there was a ToSt, lol crazy idea but sounds nice doesn't it?! would truly help out a strat, but just an idea, i thought it would be cool.

What kind of tattoos do you got in mind?

Tell me Tell me Tell me! :]

Tattoo Of Ragnarok.....Tattoo Of...

Special J October 7 2005 11:19 PM EDT

well, a ToE is a tat of stam -scratches head-

{CB1ate}aupStar October 7 2005 11:20 PM EDT

tattoo of aupstar (increases your health by 120% of its current level..=p)

[EG] Almuric October 7 2005 11:25 PM EDT

Yeah, sounds super nice! Really, really... uhm... what the hell is it supposed to do? Are we supposed to be psychic? Did you mention what it was in some other post that you failed to link to?

We don't mind people throwing out new ideas. In fact, some of us think that's one of the really cool parts of the game. But just throwing out something like: "Tattoo of... Furriness; wouldn't that be cool?" is pretty much not cool.

So, in the future, elaborate. In this case, how would it be different from a Tattoo of, say, Endurance, which, unless I'm mistaken, Stamina is a synonym of.

Special J October 7 2005 11:26 PM EDT

Tattoo of Wuss

tithes 10% if your winnings to me.

in return, you get nothing!

sound familiar? ;)

onlyyouknow October 7 2005 11:37 PM EDT

Rune of cash returns.

Increases the amount of money earned in each battle :p

Adrian Exodus October 7 2005 11:49 PM EDT

Rune of Ahrimanes

I don't really care what stats or powers it gets so long as I can say my minion has black feathery wings now. :D

fatty the loner October 8 2005 12:11 AM EDT

Tattoo of the 2evilfatmen (eats enemy's ammo and keeps it for yourself)

Blarg October 8 2005 1:17 AM EDT

Familiar of death.

50% chance to cast FoD (insta death) per round, on a random minion (yes could be itself or anyone on your team). Increase of levels makes it resistant to recoil damage by AMF and increases HP.

chernobyl October 8 2005 1:46 AM EDT

Tattoo of Engagement - makes ranged combat 2 rounds instead of 3. This would effectively eliminate the third round of ranged combat.
Tattoo of Stealth - makes ranged combat 4 rounds instead of 3. This would give ranged mages and archers one extra ranged shot.
Neither of these tattoos would level up. If both parties have the same tattoo, the effects do not combine; if both parties have opposing tattoos, the effects cancel out.

[Tranquility]-USDForger [Azn Forgesmith] October 8 2005 9:29 AM EDT

Tattoo of Thunder - Shock/stun your enemy for X round in range and Y round in melee

onlyyouknow October 8 2005 10:08 AM EDT

Tattoo of protection.
Dispels all offensive spell casted by opponent 1/3 of its level. :p

Lu Bu[willsue] October 11 2005 10:24 PM EDT

Tattoo of Trumph

gives more money in battles (like a RoE)

QBOddBird October 11 2005 10:27 PM EDT

chernobyl, those are actually pretty good. That'd be great for the archer/FB teams and for the CoC/Decay teams.

sssimmo October 12 2005 1:37 AM EDT

Tattoo of NUB (ToN) - Grants wearer the NUB % that a newbie gets at the start.

Hows that idea for all the whiners that won't shut up?!

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] October 12 2005 4:48 AM EDT

That would shut me up!

Bah, no one liked my ideas of skills that increased/decreased the number of ranged rounds.... :(

Tattoo of Evolution. Grants XP to the weapons and armour you wear, increases X/+ when earned XP on item equals Blacksmith cost to upgrade.


onlyyouknow October 12 2005 5:40 AM EDT

That would generate a new job for upping one's weapons :)

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] October 12 2005 6:15 AM EDT

:) Sell your services fighting with loaned weapons/armour while you wear the Tatt. Just to up someone elses items. :)

QBOddBird October 12 2005 11:21 AM EDT

that'd be really nice. I like it GL, quite original and creative, that's for sure.

QBOddBird October 12 2005 11:28 AM EDT

Tattoo of Play-Doh.

Use this to, for ever 2 million exp put on it, re-train your minions for free. The tattoo would then revert back to base, and you would have to fight with it again to regain its usefulness.
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