BMVG: October (in General)

Nixon Jibfest October 12 2005 7:35 PM EDT

It's important that we vote in order so we don't waste votes.

1. Morgul-Hammer 38.0%
-- Let's get this out this week.
-- Remind people in chat and newbies to vote

2. Next: Corn
3. After: DB
4. Then: Corn or Alatar

trigun October 12 2005 7:55 PM EDT

but newbies wont be able to have the cash to buy em?

Synco October 12 2005 7:57 PM EDT

No, but they can still vote if they are supporters.

Stephen October 12 2005 7:57 PM EDT

But when they do have the cash the price will be lower as there will be more MHs in the market.


Tezmac October 12 2005 8:01 PM EDT

My vote for #3 is definitely the corn. I'm sure people get tired of voting for them, but thats probably because theyve already got one. Theyre still the most expensive item on the market and they only cost 83 votes to spawn. I think it only makes since, at least till their price drops.

Tezmac October 12 2005 8:02 PM EDT

#4 I meant :O)

Maelstrom October 12 2005 8:03 PM EDT

I think we need a Wiki page on the "theory" behind how the Black Market works: how it's impossible to get things to spawn if we don't work together, how it benefits new players to vote for things they can't afford, and so on.

Special J October 12 2005 8:20 PM EDT

they will vote because we told them to, and if they don't vote we will let OddBird take care of them in a dark alley.

QBOddBird October 12 2005 9:20 PM EDT

/me hides his spiked black-jack behind him

Why me?

Nixon Jibfest October 13 2005 9:24 AM EDT

Morgul-Hammer 34.7%

Nixon Jibfest October 13 2005 5:12 PM EDT

We need to get the MH out before next monday or we're going to let a lot of votes go to waste.
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