WIKI Search? (in General)

Nixon Jibfest October 12 2005 7:37 PM EDT

Anyone think that a WIKI search feature would be a good idea?

Maelstrom October 12 2005 7:40 PM EDT

Yes, I do.

Special J October 12 2005 7:54 PM EDT

Last time you brought it up to me I brought it up to Jon as well. At the time it was a fairly simple, not needed.

Nixon Jibfest October 12 2005 9:07 PM EDT

Wuss, I agree with that to a certain point. I can find anything pretty easily in the WIKI by browsing it. I guess I was thinking that a search feature might be easier for new players.

Special J October 12 2005 10:09 PM EDT

I agree with you

AdminNightStrike October 13 2005 3:41 PM EDT

The Index does this, essentially.
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