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Bull3t F4c3 October 13 2005 2:10 AM EDT

i was reading the thread about "down with bush" and how he is being killed in chat because his name is political. He seems to be the first one upon which action was taken, when there have been many other with name dealing with religion and politics. This may be because admins don't like him, but I am not here to judge only to point out facts. (no offense to the people i may name) Corpus Christi Fascist Christ JudasChrist Prophet Lucifer lucifer666- followerofbuddha Lucifer Canterous TheUnattainable until August 3 2005 12:43 AM EDT Chargerz-Back until July 3 2005 1:55 AM EDT Mr BuSH until March 23 2005 11:57 AM EST Chargerz919 until February 7 2005 12:24 AM EST these are a few names i mustered up..just wondering why none of these people were not repremanded...

sssimmo October 13 2005 2:16 AM EDT

Plus all the other "666" names that have been.

QBOddBird October 13 2005 2:18 AM EDT

On a side note, though I have never said anything, complained, etc - several of those religious name *do* offend me, for one.

Just thought I'd throw that in while this was open.

Stephen October 13 2005 2:22 AM EDT

Can of Worms + Can Opener = This Post

sssimmo October 13 2005 2:25 AM EDT

Dare I say cat + pigeons?

MrC [DodgingTheEvilForgeFees] October 13 2005 3:16 AM EDT

There is a difference between, 'Mr Bush' and 'Down with bush'.
The latter of the two expresses an opinion on politics which is a no-no if we want a happy community.

And 'Followerofbuddha' does not hurt anyone. By saying 'Ihatebuddha' you are offending millions of people and their beliefs.
If there is no intention to be offensive, and little chance of anyone being offended then you can expect to get away with it, although if it is borderline, you should be prepared to change it if asked by an admin.

Bottomline is that if you play CB and have a name that could be taken as offensive to anyone, you have to be prepared to change it if asked by an admin. Don't push the boundaries and you wont have to worry about it.

Finally, why didn't the others get their names changed? Possibly no one brought it to the admins' attention. Or those that the admins did see were seen as acceptable. - And if the admins didn't see the names, and were not contacted by offended CBers, they cannot be expected to change them.

These are not the rules of the game, it's just common sense. Push the boundaries and be prepared to pay the consequences (which in this case, was not very big at all).

Maelstrom October 13 2005 9:17 AM EDT

I suspect that it was more to do with Tony than politics...

How are "Canterous", "TheUnattainable" and "Chargerz" religious/political references?

Bull3t F4c3 October 13 2005 3:27 PM EDT

they werent..hence i bolded mr bush..

AdminNightStrike October 13 2005 3:35 PM EDT

I find the discussions on viable names hilarious considering that the name of this very game is Carnage Blender, and the default theme is laced with blood red....

Bull3t F4c3 October 13 2005 7:04 PM EDT

agreed...if we cant have some sort of..."rivalry" besides fights...why not call it.."a gathering of pink fluffy bunnies"

AdminNightStrike October 13 2005 11:05 PM EDT

I find the term "pink" offensive and hereby order you to pay 50k to have that name changed. I prefer "red-challenged".
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