Try to kill my character!! I think its a good strat :] (in Off-topic)

Untouchable October 14 2005 8:46 PM EDT

Okay, if you got a low PR character with the PR: around 1k-2k and a NW under 50k please try and fight my character nighmare II, and please post the results, i just want to see if that strat is worth putting BA into :]

if you do happen to fight my character, thanks for your time and your 1 BA :]

onlyyouknow October 14 2005 8:50 PM EDT

Looks similar to my strat. Just that I'm a tank based team and yours is a mage based. Looking good.

onlyyouknow October 14 2005 8:54 PM EDT

Just to add, I think if you convert to a ToE or RoS you'll be invincible.

trigun October 14 2005 9:22 PM EDT

one way to find out how good your strat is if u see the battles won is greater than the challenged column..^_^
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