Happy birthday G_Beee (in Off-topic)

WeaponX October 17 2005 7:21 PM EDT

everyone wish him a happy birthday

48Zach October 17 2005 7:21 PM EDT

Happy b-day!!!!!

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] October 17 2005 7:23 PM EDT

Happy birthday!!!

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] October 17 2005 7:23 PM EDT

Happy birthday :D

Heavy October 17 2005 7:23 PM EDT

Happy birthday G_Beee

Blarg October 17 2005 7:29 PM EDT

happy birthday G dawg!

Davie October 17 2005 7:37 PM EDT

Yeah happy birthday!

Synco October 17 2005 8:15 PM EDT

Happy Birthday, G! =)

Ilovehellokitty October 17 2005 8:52 PM EDT

Happy Birthday

sssimmo October 17 2005 9:02 PM EDT

Happy Birthday Mr B! Have a great day!

Sukotto [lookingglas] October 17 2005 9:24 PM EDT

have a good one G_Beee

48DangerZone October 17 2005 9:40 PM EDT

Happy birthday

Ox [StephenMelinda Gates Fund] October 18 2005 12:27 AM EDT

Happy Birthday yesterday

Maelstrom October 18 2005 12:31 AM EDT

Happy Beee Day, G Beee ;)

QBOddBird October 18 2005 1:25 AM EDT

Wow, I didn't realize it was your b-day; I hope its the best one yet!

Vaynard [Fees Dirt Cheap] October 18 2005 1:49 AM EDT

Have a happy B-day man. And many more.

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] October 18 2005 1:53 AM EDT

Happy Birthday GB!!!

{CB1}-Mokaba October 18 2005 2:01 AM EDT

Happy Birthday!

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] October 18 2005 2:04 AM EDT

:D Happy B Day!

You got a day of Admin duties today and going to celebrate?

Karmic Mishap [Soup Ream] October 18 2005 3:21 AM EDT

Happy B-Day G_Beee! You da man!

AdminG Beee October 18 2005 4:41 AM EDT

Heh, thanks very much people.

I awoke this morning with 2 kids and a dog jumping all over my bed singing (and barking) the happy birthday song.

Mucho pressies and a smile on my face :)

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] October 18 2005 4:46 AM EDT

Ah so my family isn't the only one that wakes each other up early on their birthdays to the tune of "Happy Birthday"!!!


QBJohnnywas October 18 2005 5:06 AM EDT

Does that make you - whispers - 37? If so then HA HA HA you're now older than me! LOL LOL LOL

That's my next birthday...

old man!

Happy Birthday!

[T]Vestax October 18 2005 6:14 AM EDT

Happy Birthday!

[EG]Stump October 18 2005 6:31 AM EDT

Happy B-day G-man. :) 37? That's what I'll be next July.

Zoglog[T] [big bucks] October 18 2005 7:43 AM EDT

Happy belated birthday, hope you had a great day and haven't spent too much, I regret a sudden loss of £170 in the space of 6 days from my birthday, I give up alcohol /me secretly swigs from a bottle of whisky.

IndependenZ October 18 2005 8:47 AM EDT

Happy birthday, G_Beee! ;) I sure hope you have a very nice day!

CoolWater [Superheros] October 18 2005 11:16 AM EDT

Happy Birthday G Beee. I hope you have a wonderful day.
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