Lets try getting to 1000 replies! (in Off-topic)

Untouchable October 17 2005 7:45 PM EDT

as title says, this is just for the fun of it! and if 1k replies lag CB any admin can just feel free to close down this post :]

think we can do it?

A) no, but ah ill reply for the heck of it!
B) yes, although its impossible
C) sure, but good like to you
D) other [place your opinion here]

thanks :]

! Love Barney October 17 2005 7:47 PM EDT

im 10000000000000000000000000000000000000% sure this will be closed.

Special J October 17 2005 7:47 PM EDT


Don't invite spam, that is just silly.

48Zach October 17 2005 7:48 PM EDT

My choise
A) , B) , c)

lol they r all the same

Blarg October 17 2005 7:49 PM EDT

faaaaaabulous, another spam post, but this one is on a whole new level, 4 digit replies, that'll be impressive. And oh no! I'm contributing to the spamness by this post! someone stop me quick! uh oh, too late.

Anyway, once it gets to one letter posts i'm sure an admin will delete them.

AdminG Beee October 17 2005 7:49 PM EDT


No place for pointless spam on these boards.

If you want a thread with 1,000 replies on it then start another one about NUB.
This thread is closed to new posts.