How about Standard replies on cb2? (in Off-topic)

Grim Reaper October 19 2005 11:08 PM EDT

Just for fun on cb2 let's have administrators/or anyone else post standard replies for a while :)

Idea came from today receiving lette/replyr from Jagex staff(runescape game).
I wrote a complaint letter about a guy who kept trying to get my password with different threats.

I sent this:
Tommy082 has been harassing me and keeps asking for my password, I have a screenshot of him doing this and I have done a report on password scamming but I'm not sure if that will be enough to stop him. So please let me know if it is possible to get him banned and if the screenshot will help as evidence being evidence let me know how I can send it. Thank you.

So this is what I got for a reply:
Dear Th3mis,

Thank you for your question.

When a player clicks on the 'Report Abuse' button a 60 second game snapshot is sent to us. This snapshot will contain a general game overview including everything that has been said.

Each Abuse Report that we receive is checked for evidence that an offence has been committed.

If no evidence is available in the snapshot we are unable to take the appropriate action.

We can only hand out punishment to players who are proven guilty.

Happy Gaming :)

Yours Sincerely
Mod Dargie
RuneScape Customer Support

So instead of telling me that he already has been banned or that I should send the screenshot I have they sent me a copy pasted letter like most companies do which answers nothing.

Special J October 19 2005 11:21 PM EDT

Telling you that he was banned is against the privacy policy.


I can not help you with that.

/stolen from the useless GMs of UO, ah memories.

They stated the way to send in abuse reports, just follow that. It doesn't say take a screen shot and send it to us, does it?

Grim Reaper October 19 2005 11:25 PM EDT

yea but see the thing is that sometimes screenshots help in banning a player. maybe the guy was banned by now. Basically theres a lot of players that end up banned from report abuse without even doing what a player reported them of doing. And theres times when a player is doing something which can be reported for but nothing happens. Hence the screenshot method helps :).

Special J October 19 2005 11:31 PM EDT

any company who takes a screenshot as proof of something is quite disturbed.

Perfect alterations are quite possible, even using GIMP.

Adrian Exodus October 19 2005 11:35 PM EDT

screenshots, if they don't allready have something like the 'report abuse' thing, screenshots in most cases would be used as 'proof' to something funny may of been happening, and then they can go in a check logs for real proof

bartjan October 20 2005 1:06 AM EDT

It says 'snapshot', not 'screenshot' ...

Grim Reaper October 20 2005 1:53 AM EDT

K bart is not getting what Jagex and I are saying

When a player uses report abuse button and enters someones name and a category of the problem/abuse the game takes a 60 second snapshot of what the player is doing and or what the player is saying.

I took my own screenshot incase jagex would not find any evidence. That is the point i tried to make to Jagex that I have a screenshot if they could use it to ban the player with. I told Jagex I done a report abuse on the player.

The letter to Jagex was to get the guy banned instead of let him keep playing as he was like most other players get away with. So that is why I mentioned I have a screenshot because if the guy didn't get banned through report abuse I could have leverage with the screenshot.

QBOddBird October 20 2005 1:59 AM EDT

Just so you know, its not that difficult to edit a screenshot - their way works much that better. They can't take the risk of you PSP'ing the pic to get someone in trouble that you just have it out for.

Grim Reaper October 20 2005 2:35 AM EDT

hehe oddbird, runescape bannings are such a mess right now, there are so many high players that get banned for no reasons. It is hellarious the amount of players that post the letter they get about why their account was banned or muted.

And all these bannings come from newbies that report them maybe from just meeting them or hearing them talk about something like "hey go hack that tree over there I need some wood"

So the newbie goes and reports the player for "account hacking"

Or the player would say something like "go ahead Jack, run around in cirlces"
So the newbie reports him for offensive language.

The prolem is that Jagex bans the players without even knowing what is going on. So instead of understanding that the player is asking someone to chop down a tree or talking to a friend named Jack, they go ahead and ban for hacking or offensive language. And the player with the banned account has to go through a mess of ban appeals all because of some idiot reporting the dumbest cases of abuse while the real abusers like people using macros and actually stealing passwords and doing scams get away without being bannned because of a long line.
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