ToE Question (in General)

FailBoat[SG] [Forever Alone] October 24 2005 7:22 PM EDT

Using two minions, should I have the ToE on my Enchanter or my Mage? The Enchanter is up front.

FailBoat[SG] [Forever Alone] October 24 2005 7:30 PM EDT

Nevermind. Figured it out.

FailBoat[SG] [Forever Alone] October 24 2005 8:30 PM EDT

Topic Change!

Is there any way to keep my score alongside my PR? Score keeps on outpacing it rather quickly and no new items.

Unwanted Memories October 24 2005 8:33 PM EDT

Thats a good thing. Score beating PR and Mpr = better rewards

Rubberduck[T] [Hell Blenders] October 24 2005 8:36 PM EDT

I would put it on the mage at least until you get a CoI. You want your score to be above your PR, the higher the better really as you want to be beating people with as high score as possible.

Synco October 24 2005 8:39 PM EDT

And try to buy a ToE as soon as possible; LToE's are too hard to level up.

FailBoat[SG] [Forever Alone] October 24 2005 8:42 PM EDT

Wanted to buy a FF but I watched those prices skyrocket in no time. And a ToE is looking like its in the same boat. I'm just trying to save up for now.
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