Does the NCB help fix problems of the NUB? (in General)

5583 days old {Gaza} November 2 2005 4:25 AM EST

This entirely depends on what you see as the problems of the NUB; whether it's that the NUB has led to many of us Vets being unable to reach the top; or whether the NUB disadvanatages vets by requiring 4 months of solid gaming compared to however many months it has taken for the top players to get to the top.

In my eyes; my problem is that the NUB is a huge advantage to any new player who is able to advance their character far beyond what someone who has fought exactly the same amount of fights and put in as much effort.

To correct this; I believe rather than increasing the NUB; and creating the NCB; the most fair option is for new users to be able to buy the extra BA so that those at the top who have put in the effort are not discouraged; and so that those who have not had the chance to spend the 300k fights that ranger has can spend the time and fairly challenge for the top. By doing this; Ranger has no right to complain if someone passes him; they've put in as much effort; however a new player still has the opportunity to get to the top; as they've put in as much effort as Ranger. Maybe the NUB in this form could be extended to the length of time CB has been going; ie that if the top player has fought 300k battles over 300 days; it would allow people under this NUB to purchase an extra 1000 BA per day compared to people not on NUB

While the NUB continues as a rewards bonus; I believe that the game will continue to lose previously active members and respected veterans. Even with the NCB; i do not believe it will be enough. partially I would put this down to the difficulties in getting rare equipment for developing characters without keeping the old characters respectable and playable

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] November 2 2005 4:52 AM EST

It's an answer.

It will be nothing more than a band aid if this is only available once and not every four months.

If it is available every four months, then unless you get to the top in your four months and want to try to hold on to your spot, CB2 becomes a game of personal four month re sets.

But, at least everybody has a chance now.

QBJohnnywas November 2 2005 7:49 AM EST

The creation of the NCB makes the vets who feel they can't catch up with both the long term vets at the top and the NUB's a lot happier.

But you now will have a middle ground of players who want to stick with their char who will be passed by NUB's and by NCB's. And those NCB's who know the ropes will be able to advance more quickly than the NUB's I suspect........

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