Trigun Loans/Deals (in Public Record)

trigun November 6 2005 10:58 PM EST

ill be lending [OB]OddBird 1.5mil.. conditions: 1. hell be sending over cmls as collateral. 2. he'll try to pay in a week and a maximum of 3 weeks (1 week payment desired, but not *required*) 3. its 5% interest compounded weekly on current balance. 4. if he defaults i keep items and payments made. please confirm.^_^

QBOddBird November 6 2005 11:00 PM EST

confirmed. 3 weeks max, trying for a week, 5% interest per week. CMLs collateral. Waiting on money to arrive.

trigun November 6 2005 11:01 PM EST

trigun (ShadowSkill) [OB]OddBird (Team Untouchable) $1500000 -- loan ^_^ 11:00 PM EST

trigun November 6 2005 11:02 PM EST

Please post all transaction in this thread and all payments sent to my character "DreamCatcher" thanks.^_^

QBOddBird November 6 2005 11:10 PM EST

thanks tri (^>^) will have the loan paid off post-haste!

trigun November 6 2005 11:30 PM EST

you forgot to send me the cmls before u logged off OB..hehe

current balance: 1.575mil

QBOddBird November 6 2005 11:34 PM EST

actually, they're sent. thx for notice on the up-front interest compounding.


It's ok though. Just would have liked to know upfront.

QBOddBird November 7 2005 12:37 AM EST

actually, I'd rather not pay the up-front compounding you added in last minute there. It's an inconvenience, and as I wasn't alerted, I'll not pay it. Thanks again! (^>^)

trigun November 7 2005 1:41 AM EST

i did alert you..check ur pm..and it was right after your last msg to me..and it was some time before you logged off chat..and it was to my knowledge that people did this unless otherwise stated...(ie that what happened when i got my loan from Dawg)

=> [OB]OddBird goodluck on ur sale
<[OB]OddBird> thanks. I do believe I'll need it.
=> [OB]OddBird starting balance is 1.575mil
=> [OB]OddBird hehe
No longer speaking in private.

trigun November 7 2005 2:27 AM EST

check this thread: (Public Record) DAWG / trigun loan

and loan rules for cb2 bank loan rules:

2. All new loans on a given day are charged one day of interest immediately. This ensures that the bank can at least cover transfer fees.

these 2 are big loaners of this game so i thought i was common practice..that is why applied that starting interest..^_^

Special J November 7 2005 2:39 AM EST

Reguardless of what everyone else does, you didn't state it in the terms, you added it afterwards. Which is in bad faith of a deal.

Live and learn.

trigun November 7 2005 2:52 AM EST

i see..thanks..

current balance: 1.5mil

QBOddBird November 7 2005 9:05 AM EST

Didn't get that PM until afterwards, at which time I checked the thread and saw what you'd done, and posted my reply.

QBOddBird November 12 2005 12:01 PM EST

[OB]OddBird (Team Untouchable) trigun (DreamCatcher) $1500000 -- payment 12:00 PM EST

payment made, thanks a ton for the loan. ^_^
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