Masterplan... (in General)

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] November 9 2005 1:05 PM EST


I've decided to unveil my not so secret master plan for public disection.

I'm going to keep my NCB character single for the entirety of it's bonus period. With a Named RoE. At a casual estimate, I might be able to reach 1.5 Mil MPR by then.

At the end of the bonus time, I'm going to hire three expensive minions. This will cost a ton of CB2, non of which I'll have saved, as I'll spend all my cash on wacky XP BA time, so if my finances are good in February, I'll probably buy the CB2 for USD (Shock Horror!).

After the three minions are bought I'll do some untraining on my original Mage.

With a four minion team, to maximise my MPR (Hopefully to ludicrous levels), I'm going to also try to purchase a massive RoS (again, probably with USD...) and make the first minion a pure AS enchanter. Boom Instant longevity for my new team. (And by the way, anyone interested in levling a RoS for sale in four months, drop me a line! ;P)

That wil leave me two fresh, and one slightly used minion to play with.

Staying with my Mage theme, I originally considered;

1) AS + RoS
2) HP + Usual Wall Stuff + Base Prot
3) HP + Usual Wall Stuff + Base Prot
4) Leave as HP/FB/DM and drop the base prot for GA

But this would leave me vulnerable to Seekers.

So I'm considering;

1) AS + RoS
2) HP/FB/DM - Original Minion
3) HP (Wall...)
4) CoC + GA Mage

I don't realy want my FB mage to last into Melee, the enchanter is a pure meat shiled, CoC will be kept below my FB level, so seekers will gravitate there.

GA (with a little RoS backing) should make killing any of my minions a pain, seekers will hit my FB mge first, hopefully leaving the CoC alive until Melee.

The Wall does what a wall does best. Dilute FB and CoC damage and stops MM dead.

Any thoughts?


QBSefton [Black Cheetah Bazaar] November 9 2005 1:16 PM EST

Sure, train the FB higher than the CoC to gravitate seekers his way, and thus making it more likely not to make it to melee :)

QBJohnnywas November 9 2005 1:19 PM EST

At the end of your bonus period I'll be finishing up Jack Crow to start over with my NCB - seeing as how my test run stops me having the bonus until my current bonus runs out. I'll probably have a very large tattoo for sale by then....

I did something like this with Jack Crow a couple of weeks back - you were in Vegas - changed to a RoS and ended up with at least 2.5 times more HP. I dropped 200k in score. Changed back to ToE and even after re-train and re-inking got back to my old score.

IMO the ToE and 'real' HP is much better than AS....

QBJohnnywas November 9 2005 1:20 PM EST

Yeah, Sefton has a point there. Your FB mage will last into melee with all that HP....

change him to MM and you might have a plan....

QBJohnnywas November 9 2005 1:25 PM EST

And before you say it - MM is too weak - at higher levels it isn't. And it is the only one of the three 'real' DD spells (decay isn't really a DD spell) to be able to cut through my mage shield walls without a problem. The char 'The Slayers' can decimate me in 4 or 5 rounds...Jack Crow could even handle Black Card Situation (before Rubberduck sold up) but MM at higher levels makes mincemeat of me...

HunterFrei November 9 2005 1:38 PM EST

I would have to say that your new minions won't be of much help for a decent amount of time.

Your CoC mage will get decimated by just about any AMF and its GA probably won't be large enough to stand up against the hits you would be taking.

Your wall will have a minute amount of HP when compared to others walls of equal MPR. Yes, AS with a RoS will help, but probably not enough.

IMO, it would be better to have your original minion be the CoC mage since it will be more likely to survive and will easily have a larger DD, this would help with more than damage since CoC gives more AMF backlash damage.

Just my thoughts.

Rubberduck[T] [Hell Blenders] November 9 2005 1:47 PM EST

This is similar to one of my plans for BCS, unfortunately it was impossible without serious usd investment, at a little over 800k mpr the cost for 3 expensive minions was something like 36 million (540 usd at current rate). I ended up with this plan:

original minion - 100% AS
cheap minion - AMF/prot/RoS
cheap minion - wall type tank
expensive minion CoC/GA

2 cheap minions make the cost a little more bearable. Given the fact that you will have a huge AS anyway I thought why not lever that HP further by putting the RoS on a protection minion. I think you will find the cost prohibitive unless your cash injection is going to be something like Dawg, Ranger or Glory's. I would suggest buying a second minion somewhere along the way rather than at the end. Good luck with it anyway :)

YOU November 9 2005 2:07 PM EST

you do realize that you are talking nonsense? Unless there's USD involved, you would NOT be able to reach wherever you think you are going. Plus, rewards for ROE user must be stink. I know 'cause i am using it. Also taking lost of Tattoo NW involve, I shall say you will be broke about 200k mpr top.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] November 9 2005 2:11 PM EST


Too much cash! ;)

The plan was to artificialy inflate my MPR from purchasing extra minions, basing thier XP and therefore my increased MPR off of a massive single minion. I don't thin I'll have that much cash though... ;)

Maybe my next NCB character will be four minion from the start!

LOL! I re reading my original post, I was going to keep the CoC less than the FB to make seekers hit the FB mage. If he lasts to melee, so be it, that means the Wall is stillthere, and he'll take little from the FB splash.

But who knows what will happen in four months! ;)

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] November 9 2005 2:13 PM EST

Sorry You, would you like to explain in a little more detail?

I'm only spending CB2 on BA at wacky xp time as it costs too much with the NCB. I should have enough for a full lot by Saturday.

My XP rewards, as a RoE user are always going to be 22% better than without it.

You could argue that I might get similar rewards from using a tattoo and fighting higher, but as I get higher, that will get harder, and the RoE will always give an extra 22% regardless.

YOU November 9 2005 2:16 PM EST

you are right maybe i should restart as well.

Quark November 9 2005 3:19 PM EST

Not a bad plan, but the weak new minions are always a factor. If you want 4 minion RoS or ToE, I suggest you go Glory's route and hire them now, rotating the RoE as required. Glory's got good MPR growth even with 4 minions (given he's got a ToA).

I chose to restart with 2 minions, and I'll likely end with 2 (or buy a small wall midway). The cash you would have spent on new minions would be better spent on BA in non wacky times. With my 2 minions I'm getting 150 - 200 XP per minion (before RoE) in regular times.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] November 9 2005 4:24 PM EST

Here is my version of a similar strat, again it involved a huge ballon investment at the end, and requires being able to fight well with a low NW strat, so it's iffy at best.

After gaining 1.75 million PR, and building a huge single minion char, I'm hiring 3 of the largest minions, and converting my team from mage to heavy tank.

Minions 1 & 2 - Haste with trivial AMF
Minion 3 - AS w/RoS
Minion 4 - STR, BL (maybe arch), and VA wearing Adam,SC,CML,Tulks, HoE, BoM.

With high NW the bonus to str could easily bring you up to 2 mil...fear the Vampiric Juggernaught....

MrC [DodgingTheEvilForgeFees] November 9 2005 4:41 PM EST


GL, for a start, that strat could do with a few changes...
I also think it's a very bad idea to plan out a strat that you intend to use in the higher levels. Once you get to that point it has to be more specifically designed to kill the few opponents that are near your PR.

I also have to question whether it's really a good idea to be using the strongest minion as the FB mage.
If it does get to melee, it's damage will be huge against your own minions.
If it doesn't, your CoC mage is going to be seriously wimpy.

I also have my doubts about that 1.5mil MPR... but I guess we'll see how that works out when your NCB runs out.

That said, I think you've finally convinced me to start over. :)
Just give me a week or two to pay off my debts and you'll have good ol' King Chuckles chasing your MPR :)

Relic November 9 2005 4:47 PM EST

I have had the NCB for roughly 6 full days now, I took a day of retraining to tweak my strat some. My current MPR is 109,577. That equates to roughly 18.25K MPR growth daily. So, in 4 months of playing regularly I should be able to get around 2 mil MPR. I buy full BA sets daily and am getting super nice gains per battle. My only problem is that I sold my HUGE ToA quite some time ago and that would come in handy once I could utilize it...:(

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] November 9 2005 5:20 PM EST


Damn you Glory!! If only I had your cash to buy BA!!

I know it's mostly pipe dreams guys, but can you imagine the MPR of a team of four minions based off of a single 1.5 Mil + MPR minion??


QBsutekh137 November 9 2005 5:39 PM EST

First off, the USD cost. Ye gads.

I know BCS was around 11 million or so for a new minion at...what...800K MPR? Correct me if and when I am wrong, Rubberduck.

At ultra low levels, the cost/MPR is like 4. My current highest character has a cost/MPR ratio of 10.5. Looks like BCS hit around a factor of 13. So, assuming it keeps going up (but flattening), let's say the factor is 15 when you hit 1.5 million. That means each minion will cost you 22.5 million CB2, or 67.5 million for the trio. (single minion folks who want to weigh in with factors, feel free).

Multiply that by, say, 12 USD per million CB2 (assuming prices drop some and you buy in bulk). That would mean you are spending $810 for nothing but MPR. Hey, if it floats your boat.

Let's estimate MPR gain. Sefton, can you help here? I know you get 1/3 EXP per dollar spent, so let's say you get 7-8 million experience per minion. That really isn't that much. My 300K level HP cost me 3 million experience. I would guess that each minion would be able to achieve 600-650K level if they concentrated all on one thing. Any idea how much MPR that equates to? My guess is you would be spending around $800 to hit 2 million MPR or so. Yes, quite a fabulous team.

I would just never spend that much (there is absolutely zero way to recoup that money...the NCB makes character buys just about useless) unless you stuck around and decided to forge, and I would certainly not lose the concentration edge by going to 4 minions.

But hey, this isn't my master plan! Have at it!

Lumpy Koala November 9 2005 8:05 PM EST

You should just hire 3 minions now :P And use ROE all the way. Because ROE will make your minion about 88% more XP than the other 3 minions, so it will kinda make you achieve your original plan but with 3 minions with much more significant XP than bought minions. No untraining required, and best of all, no need for USD except buying a big Tattoo.

And I would suggest TOE rather than ROS. At high MPR, I don't think anyone would continue with DM.

E - AS
W - high AC
M - TOE / CoC (originally ROE)

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] November 10 2005 3:18 AM EST

;) I think I'll have to settle for a single minion and try to beat Tiny's FB!

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