Giving away some stuff to newbies :) (in Contests)

xDanELx November 9 2005 4:45 PM EST

As part of my clean-up, I am giving away things that I have stashed since the beginning of CB2. To qualify, the person must be a newbie who is really interested in playing CB2, and he/she has to be no more than a month old.

Tell me why you think you'll stay around for quite a while in Carnage Blender and you may qualify to win one of my giveaway. Mentors can also post here to recommend their mentees. I am wholly in support of the non-pg community here so people who have been reported in Public Forums to have violated the non-pg rules are disqualified. Of course, this is subject to my decision. ;)

A Katana [74x13] (+15)
A Compound Bow [5x13] (+12)
A Compound Bow [5x9] (+8)
A Compound Bow [5x8] (+5)
A Compound Bow [5x3] (+4)
A Compound Bow [5x6] (+5)
406 Slayer Bolts [18x4] (+3)
3 Slayer Arrows [15x6] (+4)

And the "ultimate" prize:
The Farmers Guild (MPR:1,872), a 4x FB Mage Team which includes a Lesser Fire Familar (Lvl 1,420). I'll pay the transfer fees for this one.

Rommel [Darkest Hour] November 9 2005 4:53 PM EST

i am three days over a month old here... can i squeeze by? if not can i refer my friend dblass who is very new, but i am helping along?

xDanELx November 9 2005 8:22 PM EST

+ / - 3 days, you are still eligible. ;) Just post, and ask your friend to post too. :)

Rommel [Darkest Hour] November 9 2005 9:07 PM EST

alright! well, i will be around for quite awhile because i can be, i have alot of spare time here, and i like this game. i have gotten to 100k mpr in a month, and i hope to stay at the rate or faster till my nub expires. also i own a clan that is often in the top 20 if not i will be around to make them better. don't quite know what else to say...oh yeah, i have never been banned for non pg talk and all that too.

Hyrule Castle November 9 2005 10:12 PM EST

u have been a member since january 20th... u have 2 characters over 400k pr.... what are u lying for?

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] November 9 2005 10:15 PM EST

Owner of clan: Darkest Hour
A member of Carnage Blender 2 since October 6, 2005. ""

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] November 9 2005 10:16 PM EST

His character was started on January 20th

Flamey November 9 2005 11:29 PM EST

i've been playing for 2 weeks i cant play very often i goto a library i try and play as often as i any items would be appreciated since i cant play very often.i like this game a lot i used to play a different text-based game but this game is so much better.

Dragonfy November 10 2005 12:08 AM EST

Cam i plz hav som stuff

xDanELx November 10 2005 12:54 PM EST

C'mon, there should be more new players posting. Is this a sign of things to come?

BTW, tip: I'm not too fond of laziness in typing.

Rommel [Darkest Hour] November 10 2005 1:10 PM EST

smallpaul, I started October sixth like it says. Numbers don't lie. Unless you are accusing me of bing a multi. I have one character just over 100k mpr and I just purchased a character with 266k mpr to forge with. If I was so high up, why would I put my reputation at stake, for a bunch of stuff that I would be comparatively worthless for me? Please don't point fingers unless you have something to point at.
man, I hate these little squabbles. Everyone always hating, hating, hating. Ridiculus. I cant imagine what ILoveHelloKitty feels like...

Rommel [Darkest Hour] November 10 2005 1:14 PM EST

By the way... The character i just bought was made by nightshade back in January...maybe that is what you see smallpau1.

Rommel [Darkest Hour] November 10 2005 3:16 PM EST

i was just rereading this article and i realized that pau1 was defending me, i am sorry, i misread... it was hyrule that caused the trouble

Hyrule Castle November 10 2005 4:31 PM EST

yeah... when u click on your name... it shows a character with 600k+ pr

Hyrule Castle November 10 2005 4:32 PM EST

Skaffa Cru
a Character belonging to Rommel
Created January 20, 2005

BrandonLP November 10 2005 4:43 PM EST

Hyrule, did you bother reading that he bought the character?

[me]Davis November 10 2005 5:06 PM EST

Ill enter or whatever. I am a newbie and I plan on sticking around CB for alot longer because I have friends coming and I think this is a fun interesting game to play....

xDanELx November 11 2005 4:12 AM EST

Anyone else?

{CB1ate}aupStar November 11 2005 5:51 AM EST

I'm a noob....honest!! O-=)

Abbadonflame November 12 2005 8:28 AM EST

Whats up you guys. I'm a NUB and HAve been for little less than a month. This game is awesome and is extremely addictive. Even though I don't have much time to play it, I play everytime I get the chance. Peace out:>

AdminNightStrike November 13 2005 1:29 AM EST

Shouldn't you give free stuff like that to people with no NUB or NCB who have a low MPR?

Oh, and Hyrule, an apology towards Rommel is in order.

xDanELx November 13 2005 5:17 AM EST

Some prizes given out.

xDanELx (Uncle Scrooge) davis (Skaffa Cru) A Compound Bow ($60839) 5:16 AM EST
xDanELx (Uncle Scrooge) Rommel (Talo) A Compound Bow ($92766) 5:16 AM EST
xDanELx (Uncle Scrooge) Abbadonflame (dragonfighter) A Compound Bow ($192906) 5:16 AM EST
xDanELx (Uncle Scrooge) Flamey (Flâmêy) A Katana ($255610) 5:14 AM EST

Rommel [Darkest Hour] November 13 2005 5:40 AM EST

sweet! thx xDan! : )

Abbadonflame November 13 2005 9:21 AM EST

Awesome, thanks dan the man

White Dirk Tiger November 13 2005 8:26 PM EST

i started i think sometime in late october. i love this game but i sometimes can't get on weekdays because my mom wants me to be "intelligent". it would help to have some of that stuff and if u look at my character i think he is good, but i had to rent some stuff like the darksteel mask and mage shield. i bought the enforcer's crossbow for 100k and the katana for around 50k but now i have to pay off a loan to trigun so that stuff would help me pay him off (the interest is killing me! lol..)

[me]Davis November 13 2005 8:28 PM EST

thanx dan

White Dirk Tiger November 13 2005 8:28 PM EST

the fire famililar would help me a lot cause i need a real tattoo not a lesser

Rommel [Darkest Hour] November 14 2005 2:04 AM EST

Lesser Fire Familar (Lvl 1,420)
is what he offered, and he already gave out prizes...but maybe he will be nice and continue the contest just for you, never know i guess.

Rathershady November 14 2005 11:56 AM EST

I just started in late October. I think I am going to stay in CB for awhile because of two reasons.

The first is the depth of possible strats. Just in my short time here I have dabbled in two different strats (with mixed results), but it has shown to me all of the possibilities. I feel the more I play, and the better I understand the equipment, I will be able to try out several strats and maybe even come up with something original.

The second is the community. I haven't been here long but I have already met some interesting people, and while the fighting keeps bringing me back it is the chat that holds me here while I wait for BA to regen. I even tried out a few other games that lacked the chat and it just felt lame. Even in the forums, where the discussions can get a little heated, you can still see the interplay between people who are looking out for the future of CB, even if they have different ideas of how to go about that. Some players looking out for the well-being of the newbies and others trying to create a living and active economy so the newbies will have the best experience once they get settled in.

I already feel like I have already been able to participate to a certain extent. I have posted on a few of the forums and even donated to the Child's Play charity drive. Soon I hope to join a clan and get supportership so I will have even more incentive to keep coming back and sticking around, hopefully, for quite awhile.

rlp November 15 2005 5:17 AM EST

I just started this game. I plan on staying because I am a person dedicated to a game till I reach the very top or become one of the best players out there. Until I have reached this goal I will never rest. Is this a good enough explanation of why I will be here for a long time and why i should deserve the tattoo?

Cowkami November 20 2005 4:13 PM EST

I just started playing November 18, 2005. I know I will stay here for quite a while becuase I totally enjoyed CB1. i haven't been around much the past year becuase school was just so hard...also, I was suffering from a bout of depression with life in general, and would appreciate an act of kindness...
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